Where’s the end!!

Oh dear! Comfort you are so cozy and warm
Just like a blanket in a cold night and like home
You make me feel lighter without any fear
You just become a habit, oh so dear
One part of me always push you away from me
Yes, I am one of those who mostly listen to the part that says-“ this is not what you want” or “this is fine, but what next”
All other parts of me tell me you are just what I need
If I am not here, then actually where to go
Oh! But hey, you seldom tell me how you just make me lazy
I just feel like to take it all easy
And then realise something is just not right
The one thing that stops me from growing no matter how easy there to survive
That’s where I start doubting you and questioning myself
Break the zone and come out of my shell
Oh the pain is real and heart-breaking
But change is needed, though the path requires evolving
Saying bye to you even thinking about that is a nightmare
Oh! To actually say bye… have done it lots of times but still don’t know why so difficult whenever…wherever…
Make me analyse is it even worth going there!
But with a heavy heart and courageous steps, here I come
Where oh! We have always met, but you are always new dear “deadly struggle” and give me that stare
You made me anxious again, that’s your welcome dose
You want me to do those things that even thinking of give me a stroke
But alas, you repeat the circumstances till I ace to deal with
And that old struggle eventually converts itself to the comfort!
Oh, you sweet little honey trap and I am always on a dual path
When comfort is pulling me to stay and the new struggle pushes me to go to uncertain roads
End not always success not always fail though effort always what I can
What a vicious circle of struggling losing fighting breaking..sometimes winning
Just where to reach what’s the end?
Human potential is limitless beyond to comprehend
To reach its utmost capacity will that be a correct end!
Guess for some questions, answers are also limitless have no end!
Bring it on to life where there are good chances of new struggles bring the best out of me till my last breath

And pray for all struggles to have a worthy end as god think of as I am too small to comprehend
Always give me the strength of never giving up…give me the strength
One day, One fine day the whole journey will make sense
One fine day the whole journey will make sense
When the tears of joy and smiles of gratitude meets
Will understand…yes will understand….

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


A story to tell!

From broken pieces of self esteem
To building it completely I have a story to tell
From deep fear and insecurities
To discover my self
I have a story to tell

From hating myself to start accepting myself
From what people say and think
To build confidence and reaching the level of freedom
I have a story to tell

To love deeply …to be deeply alone
To accept the loneliness and enjoying the solitude
Still believing in goodness and beauty of love
I have a story to tell

Surrounded with shallowness being part of unfair, cruel and ruthless world
A lot of the time persuaded to be like everyone and follow the rat race
Still believe in kindness, humanity, karma, justice and leading a truthful life
I have a story to tell

Looking world from different eyes, question, but don’t prejudice
Observing but not judging…accepting but not stereotyping..
From fighting for the right even if fighting alone
I have a story to tell

From failing a lot, but not giving up
From learning everyday still understand I know so little
From getting up on days where I feel like giving up
Fighting my own demons still ready to help the needy first
I have a story to tell

From being in places or being in the imaginary world
From being in the crowd and feeling alone and surrounded by loved one feeling home
From on verge of breakdown, but smiling like hell
I have a story to tell

From listening to understanding and going layers beneath
Feel like knowing the person and in a second break the myth
From knowing person for years and find the aspect unexpectedly new
I have a story to tell

From just listen to heart and follow the intuition
Embracing the journey even how difficult it become

Always trying and putting a genuine effort
In the lost road find hope
In the testing times, full of obstacles road, have seen miracles!
From questioning why it happened to me, but later being grateful thanked god it happened to me
Realizing god you are always there with me
I have a story to tell

If you have a heart that listen and eyes than judge less and understand more

Going beyond small talk and sharing life experiences

Learning from the journey and ready for new one
l have stories to tell…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Want to nullify someone or their efforts..
But still want to get the work done..
And can’t avoid to ask publically..
But don’t want to recognise and return..

Easy trick learnt..
Every time..
“Who” was the one..
Someone that was doing it,
Someone that has learned it,
Who ..who…was that..
Just take it absolute light..repeat..repeat..
And act ignorant.

You know why its evident..
And it’s obvious that why you say or act as if don’t know or care…
Once done is a mistake…twice..its bearable..and thrice..rather repeated multiple times…”deliberate”..it is…

As work counted only at face value..
One who keeps self boasting but putting effort for the sake of it.. is the performer..
But one who is actually doing it, but not showing off..
Oh! is that person even doing it…whatever..who..who…ever!

Why will actually want to check or know?
Because that requires actual effort.
Oh, that is most difficult…effort..
Till then fake it…fake it dear..
Brand what you faking…
Make it visible..
Fake ..brand ..make it visible.

Effort …impact…hard work..values..purpose
What are these words..which fool use it..oh my God!
Saddest part
Fake…brand…make it visible
This is in demand and going bigger and bigger
Brand the brand…wow..how novel

It will reach that fatal end
Where it will be impossible to recover..
Or to Look back and make a high standard
Just definition of pure disaster..
As one word is most bigger and relevant ever.
Who… else than…KARMA..that come in full circle.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright August 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Eternal vs ego!

Oh mind what a great learner you are
You have learned the cues, the words and then to communicate

Oh heart sometimes I wonder you always knew what eyes says…
You connect with soul and just put what is needed in place…

All was fine till one day ego sit at the head
You choose silence where needed to be expressed
You created walls so high to climb and forget to transmit

But the heart knows what you actually want
You cannot show, but sense the pain like you feel a physical pain
Even when you get vibes from soul how you just can’t relate!!

Control freak of perfection you don’t even let emotions flow
When they required most and you just ignore!
You have learned and evolved in methods to create impression and impersonate
You let the ego win don’t even realise it was not even the battle in the first place!

But the heart bleeds….soul cry so helplessly though cannot say
Now you are looking meaning in dead places but don’t find the solace!

Nobody wins, but lost the chance of heaven on earth what we called real happiness is!

Communicate when needed…express when require… simple …don’t unnecessarily complicate!!

Otherwise ego has a hidden face with real name is regret in some case…

Regret has a history of not going away easily its rationale is just, as you don’t even try when needed and rest your case!!

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Trying to Understand…

Mother nature you nurture the living society
Because that’s your innate nature
No offense…
Please show me your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

Mother Teresa
You give life to so many orphanages
Stand with them, loved them like your own kids
Don’t be offended
Please show me your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

Yashoda maiyaa(Hindu mythology)
You are an example for others for how to be a best mother
But Krishna was not your biological son
All those single parent who adopt kids
Pardon me
Please show me your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DONT UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

So that’s means being a mother is not at all applicable to single male parent and LGBTQ community
As per society
(Not all but those who easily use the phrase YOU D’ONT UNDERSTAND)
Please show your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

I thought being a mother is more about to feel and reciprocate… then just biology..
Feel to nurture, give unconditional love and empathy
A person degrades other person
Mother word is so much more than you think
So,so much more than you even know

What if they understand more than you ever know and think
God blessed you for being a mother to question others instinct?
You got a responsibility, but why with a narrow mind
Trust me, dear
I have seen fathers who played the role of mother equally well
I have seen a lot of angels on earth in the form of godmothers and godfathers
I have seen people nurturing, nature as their own kids
I have seen people who gave their life for the cause or for those they feel for irrespective of blood related or not
I Have witnessed equal love irrespective of biological birth or not

Gladly…beautifully…I have seen enough to believe in real
Just try a little
Its not that difficult
You can see so many examples just nearby if you want to see..
God, nature, universe understands
So can we
Acceptance and empathy
All it takes
Though its a choice
What to say
Oh Jesus, I want to question you next…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright July 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Missing Vibes

I Knew the day will come..
When you are going to leave my dear friend..
That day I don’t wish to part of..
As my heart breaks on goodbye’s..
Just few days before…
We were laughing at something together..
And I just realise…
It would not be so frequent..
That we could share a smile in person..
And I looked mesmerizingly at your laugh…
Could not stop myself to stare by..
Your actual presence made the difference my friend…
That I cherish and going to miss in my life.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright July 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Overthinker musings..

She lost in her thoughts..
And he lost in looking at her..
One of the way of getting attention from an over thinker..
Ask her to tell what she is thinking..
And to make you part of her world..
And guess what..
Probably she is thinking about you only..as her world.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright July 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Intention speaks

Your intention to hurt others..
Deep-down tells that you are struggling..
To accept and love yourself..
As it is..
And you don’t even know..
You are not yet healed or learned..
Though doesn’t impact that much a tolerant one..
But does to a naive to quite an extreme..
Mostly dear..
The one who is attacking..
You are one of the most impacted..
The more you stay still..
And one day you won’t able to face what you become..
Or worst you will never realise what you do or did..
The more you dig deeper..
In yourself..
Then only you can refrain from commenting and start understanding..
The path requires evolving and reflecting..
And lots of tolerance and perseverance..
The one who has learned the hard way…
By living it day and night in real..
Can tell you..
The journey from deep hurt to numb to unaffected..
Is so painful, slow and continuous..
Like slow killing..
But one who has a journey will refrain to do to others what they have suffered..
The dark zone that they have been..
That truly breaks, bleeds, hurts yet evolve them..
Sometimes, near death experience…
And sometimes like a new birth in the same life..
In dreams, even they can’t imagine someone else to go through it..
Journey continues for everyone..
One with learnings, discoveries and evolving..
And one with the inflated egos of just don’t want to understand that they are also not perfect…
What you have within is far more superior what you are trying to portray
on surface
You think its easy to hide
Trust me transparent it is

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright July 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Beyond meaning…

Reading the words..
Thinking beyond the meaning..
Writing about it…trying…
With a perspective…
A heart full of feelings..
But with a void..
Void that filled with silence…
Writers are those who felt deeply …sometimes yes with overthinking..
Wholesome experience, but..
Gruesome incomplete..
And still just by the little touch of real emotions..
They can let you know..
More beautiful than you ever know yourself..
Just the exact words for what you feel
At those precious moments..
Or bring back the memory just by going through their experience…
That smile, tears or smirk on your face..
Tells you something..
Just to ignite your own real instinct..
Don’t look for answers..
As you already have them within..
You are thinking…
This time….smiling….

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright June 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


I Read your story..
Found identical..
Also found hope..
This much similarity..
Is it me in the story?
Signal or coincidence..
Go through it all over again..

The difference..
My part of hope and feeling you added..
In the story..
Its incomplete for you..
For me its complete..
My heart found the words for its feelings..

It’s confusing me..
You are a stranger
How do you know exactly how I feel..
This relatable..
Writing an expected fate..

Couldn’t able to stop thinking that
Is it you…no…no…
Or are you the guardian angel..
Is the universe trying to give me cues?
Incite the suppressed feelings..

Reality struck..
Like a slap..
The story which I lived and believed and you gave words..
In reality, it’s just painstakingly opposite..
From your story..
My story..
Seemingly our story, though, no..
Just Story..
Extinguish the fire..
Once for all…

Within lot of darkness..
When found a dim light..
Its fortunate or unfortunate..
Made me happy..
Made me sad..
But made be feel again..
Most disappointedly, gave me expectations..
And now..
Post reality check..
Closed door and the big mountain ahead..
Numbed me…

Your stories…
Still have those depths..
Still have meaning..
Hope and feelings..
But for me..
It’s dead
Not your fault though..
Can’t relate..
Even If I do..
Wont believe..
It has reached..
A fatal end..
Understood…With experience..
Not all stories have perfect or good end..
Just ends…
Sometimes even without explanation..
Like it never exist..
An illusion..
From one end..
Far.. very far from fiction..
The end

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Feb 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Magnetic words..

Read your words..
Felt your heart..
Filled with scars, love, hope, Bliss and hurt..
I felt what you felt..
As you were bringing soul to your written words..
Totally authentic and unadulterated..
Straight from heart to heart..

Anyone who felt deeply..
Will found it profound..
Will connect and understands..
Words can mesmerise and intoxicate..
Dumbfound and enchanted..
Didn’t realise…
Found your words..
Magnetic words..
And completely lost..
Read thousand times..
Find a new meaning everytime..
Or relive the moment..
Or just relate don’t know why..
Is that how we all connected..
With our emotional rides..
Sometimes feel is it my story or is it me..
Or sometimes we just echo with others..
Without any reason..
Because being in that zone at some point of time..
And relates, repeats in imagination… go back in time.. expect in the future to happen…get frozen..
Just flow or fly or got hypnotized..
Yet serene..
Your muse, inspire and astound me..
You put heart and soul in your words..
Reflects so transparently..
No mask, nothing hides..
Words find its best meaning, connect to the wide..
Simple yet powerful..
Full of life, alive..
Magic, pure magic I realise..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright June 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

An emotional bye

Just silences,
She was standing with her group..
When finally the car came to pick her up..
She hugged all with a heavy heart..
And as she steps ahead one of the closest friend can’t control his tears..
And the last thread of patience looses..
All just started to cry..
As she has to board the car being late..
She looked back..
One last time..
Without blinking..
And sigh!
Heavy breath…
A scene of losing her best group of friends..
Where she has plenty of memories to cherish for..
She started to miss them already…and..
She Stopped the car, run to hug them all over again..
Post getting into the car, again continuously looked till she can..
She locked the last scene in her heart and mind..
And tears automatically roll by..
She knows she can meet them in the future..
Though not daily..
Both the thoughts made her more restless for a while…
Her best Farwell and a heart wrenching bye..
Wanted to know from her version of this emotional bid..
But she chooses silence to just grasp all just happened..
Went numb to the whole world for some time..
I understood and didn’t break her precious moment..
The way I have seen in just a few minutes..
The emotion overflown in her strong beautiful relations..
That is deep rooted between all of them..
Want to see the reunion too..
What an amazing sight would it be to witness by..
Blessed are those who have real friends… stay blessed and stay friends forever..
Group laughter has an aura so does a group cry..
When you feel it’s real..
Overwhelmed and joy..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright May 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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