Where’s the end!!

Oh dear! Comfort you are so cozy and warm
Just like a blanket in a cold night and like home
You make me feel lighter without any fear
You just become a habit, oh so dear
One part of me always push you away from me
Yes, I am one of those who mostly listen to the part that says-“ this is not what you want” or “this is fine, but what next”
All other parts of me tell me you are just what I need
If I am not here, then actually where to go
Oh! But hey, you seldom tell me how you just make me lazy
I just feel like to take it all easy
And then realise something is just not right
The one thing that stops me from growing no matter how easy there to survive
That’s where I start doubting you and questioning myself
Break the zone and come out of my shell
Oh the pain is real and heart-breaking
But change is needed, though the path requires evolving
Saying bye to you even thinking about that is a nightmare
Oh! To actually say bye… have done it lots of times but still don’t know why so difficult whenever…wherever…
Make me analyse is it even worth going there!
But with a heavy heart and courageous steps, here I come
Where oh! We have always met, but you are always new dear “deadly struggle” and give me that stare
You made me anxious again, that’s your welcome dose
You want me to do those things that even thinking of give me a stroke
But alas, you repeat the circumstances till I ace to deal with
And that old struggle eventually converts itself to the comfort!
Oh, you sweet little honey trap and I am always on a dual path
When comfort is pulling me to stay and the new struggle pushes me to go to uncertain roads
End not always success not always fail though effort always what I can
What a vicious circle of struggling losing fighting breaking..sometimes winning
Just where to reach what’s the end?
Human potential is limitless beyond to comprehend
To reach its utmost capacity will that be a correct end!
Guess for some questions, answers are also limitless have no end!
Bring it on to life where there are good chances of new struggles bring the best out of me till my last breath

And pray for all struggles to have a worthy end as god think of as I am too small to comprehend
Always give me the strength of never giving up…give me the strength
One day, One fine day the whole journey will make sense
One fine day the whole journey will make sense
When the tears of joy and smiles of gratitude meets
Will understand…yes will understand….

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


A story to tell!

From broken pieces of self esteem
To building it completely I have a story to tell
From deep fear and insecurities
To discover my self
I have a story to tell

From hating myself to start accepting myself
From what people say and think
To build confidence and reaching the level of freedom
I have a story to tell

To love deeply …to be deeply alone
To accept the loneliness and enjoying the solitude
Still believing in goodness and beauty of love
I have a story to tell

Surrounded with shallowness being part of unfair, cruel and ruthless world
A lot of the time persuaded to be like everyone and follow the rat race
Still believe in kindness, humanity, karma, justice and leading a truthful life
I have a story to tell

Looking world from different eyes, question, but don’t prejudice
Observing but not judging…accepting but not stereotyping..
From fighting for the right even if fighting alone
I have a story to tell

From failing a lot, but not giving up
From learning everyday still understand I know so little
From getting up on days where I feel like giving up
Fighting my own demons still ready to help the needy first
I have a story to tell

From being in places or being in the imaginary world
From being in the crowd and feeling alone and surrounded by loved one feeling home
From on verge of breakdown, but smiling like hell
I have a story to tell

From listening to understanding and going layers beneath
Feel like knowing the person and in a second break the myth
From knowing person for years and find the aspect unexpectedly new
I have a story to tell

From just listen to heart and follow the intuition
Embracing the journey even how difficult it become

Always trying and putting a genuine effort
In the lost road find hope
In the testing times, full of obstacles road, have seen miracles!
From questioning why it happened to me, but later being grateful thanked god it happened to me
Realizing god you are always there with me
I have a story to tell

If you have a heart that listen and eyes than judge less and understand more

Going beyond small talk and sharing life experiences

Learning from the journey and ready for new one
l have stories to tell…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Angelic Acts..

It takes kindness, love and respect to touch other’s heart while anyone speaks..
You show your beautiful heart in your words..
It takes wise eyes to understand the body language and cues..
You show your deep perspective of life when you understand the implicit..

It takes a warmth in the soul just to make others feel better..
You CHOOSE to see the positive even when mind naturally inclined towards the negative..
You made others to love and accept themselves when they themselves struggling with that..
You choose to see the immense possibilities and potential with encouragement..
It takes a golden heart to bring such effect..

You just want to see others smile and happy..
And how naturally you do that..
You don’t even know how you inspired and others feel touched..
How beautiful anyone looks with feelings of the empath..

I can hear you, look at you, get inspired and mesmerized without any distractions..
You know you have a positive influence..
Just being you..
Human you surprise me sometimes with your angelic acts..
And fill my heart with lots of gratitude..
That I feel blessed.

And meeting continuously such people made be better and not bitter..
Not bitter even if I meet any opposite version of you sometimes..
You don’t realize, but that’s your impact!
And I never forget that..
Cherish it till my last breath..

In my journey you are fulfilling chapters..
Thank you for being you from the bottom of my heart..
You made the world a better place, hope you know that..
Beautiful world made like that.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Nov 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved


When someone can’t be there at your lowest..
Nor be able to share small or big successes..
That’s the answer..
Quite simple yet unnecessarily complicated..
That with either scream or silence..
You know whom you want to share the most..
Looking for those eyes and smile in your own crowd..
But yet so helpless..
You know your incomplete bliss..
You felt the sorrow along with emptiness..
Human what a mess..
Deliberate it is..
Unknowingly killer of most beautiful journeys..
You know its importance and worth..
Still confused for what, only you know that..
Once the time lost and you become used to it..
And actually don’t even know what you have missed..
That’s unfortunate..
A real curse it is..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Nov 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


“Why would I tell you”
He said jokingly with a grin..
“Yeah! Why would you tell me”
She replied on a serious note.
Next time…
They met..
He explained it all..
Without even asking..
And innocent her just thinking..
Exactly why now he is telling!
It was just a general question..
But he hasn’t forgotten the instance..
Because, as usual, he noticed even the smallest details…
Did he notice the little disappointment
Or just a coincidence..
She thought while smiling..or blushing…
So finally she is noticing..
This was worth capturing..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Nov 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Bird of limited sky… meant to fly, occasionally…caged to fit…

For every step to fit in..
But lose oneself a bit..
If no place for different..
Then why nature made us exclusive..
Be introvert, extrovert or ambivert it is..
Though it’s natural to be but why not accepted..

I don’t expect you to be the way I am..
Why you want and expect tell me please..
Can you imagine a world with all being similar..
But still unnecessary push it..
Everyone has a role to play..
Trust that..
The world is enough for being what they are..
With their innate qualities..

And can positively evolve..
Without being totally changed and hate themselves..
Or worse, being fake and forget what they truly are..
What they can achieve and become..
So why fit in when can be impeccable.

Nor need an advice..
Nor intend to give..
But please explain the term “ inclusive”

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Nov 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

Justice to be served

To all those people..
Who don’t consider other human..
Just for your own selfish motives..
Living in a – I, me, myself grandiosity bubble..

When confronted with truth..
Get triggered and feel targeted..
Abuse other kindness, take undue advantage and set false narratives..
Lie that much that forget the lie- truth difference..
Always false victimise as the whole world is blind..
Play victim by using other people’s emotions..
Bully when finds someone innocent..

DO you consider yourself human?
How do you face yourself or sleep well..
Do you really don’t know..
You are not part of the problem..
You are the problem..
For humanity, truthfulness and kindness..
As you make those your targets..
Who lives by virtue of the difficult path of truth and kindness..
You fool..
You don’t even know what you did and what you have become..
What if God was testing you through them..
Guess what that your targets always win.. and live with pride..

And you..
Pity you..
What else to do..
As can clearly see your intention and motives inside..
Cannot help anyone who blinded being not only selfish, but mean to the core..
So for this you have been sent to live..

Every step is counts..
Every word noticed..
Every chance given to every kindness taken for granted..
Every lie to every mean motives..
Karma is same for all..
Justice is waiting to be served..
At right time and place..
Justice to be served..
Justice to be served..
Truly, completely and this time no mercy and not at all forgiven..

Justice is the ultimate truth..
And faith, the testimony as well as part of difficult path..
Sooner too sooner is the need of the hour..
You don’t consider other human..
Insulted God that has given you a human life..
I believe, manifest, have faith..
That for all the wrong doings..
Karma will hit hard..
Truth always prevails over evil..
Justice will be served..

To God
Please stop sending me these creatures.. who don’t even consider other human..
As I don’t want to doubt the virtue of kindness, truthfulness..
But meeting such creatures, unfortunately hurt as well lead to question humanity..

To see their mean motives and intentions
And the way they trapped others is painfully loathing..
But then I put myself back with a lot of introspection and inner work..
With trust that you are always there with me..
And continue with what I believe in..

But the negative vibe and energy these creatures bring in..
Doesn’t worth my energy and time and neither worth the truthful path questioning..
Stop sending them my way as I am not leaving my virtues at all..
And you know it from the beginning..
And I just don’t want to even doubt or question at all..
Stop sending them my way..
As what is the point of dealing with someone that is lost on purpose..
With no scope of change at all..
Because in personal space it is easy to just ignore, but different circumstances sometimes pushed us to deal with these creatures..

I just want to be closer to humanity, truth, kindness in all forms..
So let’s concentrate on our bond strengthening..
With the hope of karma, truth and justice to be witnessed all along..
To be witnessed..
To what I believe in.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Fly high..

A bigger sky..
My dreams have found it wings..
That needs to fly..
Urge to fly..
Meant to fly..
Very high..
Soaring high..

Till now..
Dancing in own tunes..
Rhyming with heart and soul..
At my comfort zone..
For so long.
But now is the time..
For a bigger stage..
As steps are bigger and better..
The small centre, but my bigger steps..
Space constraint is hurting me and my spirits..
I respect the place where I started and grew..
But now it’s time to move..
For better me, for my better story and my world..

And here I come..
With strong wings, spirits and intention..
Hope and dream in eyes..
Looked upon by Almighty and protected by angels..

The bigger the better is the need of the hour..
Else its suffocating me..
The way it does to the caterpillar..
Before it becomes its best version..

The next steps are crucial..
For each dream to become real..
Each and every hope to turn miracle..
To shine..
To win this world..
Before I choose the next universe.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Oct 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

Trapped..in lies..

With counting years of experience and circumstances..
If giving excuses and telling lies..
Flow naturally like a river flow, wind blow..
Does the experience count, increases or depletes?

A book is less to write on excuses and lies.. and but confidence to say it actually overflows..
With such determination, conviction..
Sadly, so loosely..

And the most unfortunate part..
You think all are buying it as if you are totally doing it right..
Guess who use themselves those excuses will do buy..
The people who think they are dependent on you..will do buy..
Though everyone is replaceable..
In this going in circles rat race that never ends..

But the problem is..

You gave more importance to those who happily buy your lies, sympathise with your lies just because their own motives inside..
And you forgot when you became so habitual that it became part of your life..
You forgot..
At the end and every point of time..
You have to face your own karma..
Your own self
The Truth of each of your tiniest lies.

You grow in the short run, achieved your short term goals with shortcuts..
But you forgot that you are running a marathon called life..
What you earned and how you fooled others made you pride..
But you really don’t know that some easily knows..
And laugh at your act which is easily visible across your mask resides..

You lost in your own lies..
Forgot the real meaning of life..
If you genuinely realise then you can rectify..
If you can’t, oh any worst outcome, then don’t even realise..
As short win give you a sense of achievement..
Motivation and comfort for more lies..
That’s an achievement in God’s and Karma eyes..

World build with lies, lead with lies..
Life becomes itself a lie..
Trapped so badly that when someone confronts, truth hurt like a personal strike..
As if the world is against you..
But no one is against you except you..
You alone suffice..

And worse that it’s difficult for you now to differentiate between truth and lie..

With burden of smaller – bigger selfish, hurtful lies..

You didn’t even try..
The difficult yet the path of truth..
The lighten, truthful, peaceful and real life.

Yes, you will argue that it’s better to say sugar-coated lies than hurtful truth..
But the logic applies in different circumstances..
Where no one gets hurt, no injustice and no mean motives..
You know your reality, why, when, what you said to whom..
You really think above logic suffice your lies..
You and God know better.. And rest your life, you and you only can decide..

Astonishing it is..
The way your eyes sparkle when you lie
Sad, it is..
You came so far to go so low..
Or high as you say so..
The lies used to conceal or to show
Lies make heart heavy and your life’s story questionable..
The more we introspect and discover
The more amazing…so transparent…yet rippling karma and life.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Pondering your greatness and dodging what is true..
Misunderstood yourself and justifying through..
Thinking all better versions of being human written for you..
That’s not harming but whom you are kidding..
The challenge is different and how to comprehend..
That I can’t even show you what I have written for you..
Don’t want to hurt anyone and that includes you..
My thoughts and pen are quite good weapons though..
But some stories and emotions belong to me only.
My life and my experiences..
Enriching, draining as well as creating me..
Start with God and end with God too..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Meant to be…

What should I say about her..
I just can write a whole book..
And that will also not suffice..
He said with loving eyes…
Gazing at her…

And by saying that..
With that promising look..
He said more than enough..
They both made the journey together
Of friendship, trust and love..
To meet a beautiful destination as well as a beginning..

Beautiful it always was..
And now its wholesome..
Made for each other what else it is..
Meant to be finds its meaning..

When he spends only few months in the new place..
Leaving with the most precious gift…
As if destiny played a beautiful role..
That too with correct timing..
With the right person..
As if he joined the place just to meet her..
To be with her..
So that they can be together..
To complete them..

As if All arrangements done by cupid..
That too in a formal setup..
And everyone just played a role..
For the inevitable..
Cheers to the new beginnings together..
Cheers to them who have courage and love..
To not only listen..
But follow the heart..
And their smiles say..
Sparkling eyes justifies
The blissful happier..
Warm and eternal..
Meant to be together…forever…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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