Where’s the end!!

Oh dear! Comfort you are so cozy and warm
Just like a blanket in a cold night and like home
You make me feel lighter without any fear
You just become a habit, oh so dear
One part of me always push you away from me
Yes, I am one of those who mostly listen to the part that says-“ this is not what you want” or “this is fine, but what next”
All other parts of me tell me you are just what I need
If I am not here, then actually where to go
Oh! But hey, you seldom tell me how you just make me lazy
I just feel like to take it all easy
And then realise something is just not right
The one thing that stops me from growing no matter how easy there to survive
That’s where I start doubting you and questioning myself
Break the zone and come out of my shell
Oh the pain is real and heart-breaking
But change is needed, though the path requires evolving
Saying bye to you even thinking about that is a nightmare
Oh! To actually say bye… have done it lots of times but still don’t know why so difficult whenever…wherever…
Make me analyse is it even worth going there!
But with a heavy heart and courageous steps, here I come
Where oh! We have always met, but you are always new dear “deadly struggle” and give me that stare
You made me anxious again, that’s your welcome dose
You want me to do those things that even thinking of give me a stroke
But alas, you repeat the circumstances till I ace to deal with
And that old struggle eventually converts itself to the comfort!
Oh, you sweet little honey trap and I am always on a dual path
When comfort is pulling me to stay and the new struggle pushes me to go to uncertain roads
End not always success not always fail though effort always what I can
What a vicious circle of struggling losing fighting breaking..sometimes winning
Just where to reach what’s the end?
Human potential is limitless beyond to comprehend
To reach its utmost capacity will that be a correct end!
Guess for some questions, answers are also limitless have no end!
Bring it on to life where there are good chances of new struggles bring the best out of me till my last breath

And pray for all struggles to have a worthy end as god think of as I am too small to comprehend
Always give me the strength of never giving up…give me the strength
One day, One fine day the whole journey will make sense
One fine day the whole journey will make sense
When the tears of joy and smiles of gratitude meets
Will understand…yes will understand….

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


A story to tell!

From broken pieces of self esteem
To building it completely I have a story to tell
From deep fear and insecurities
To discover my self
I have a story to tell

From hating myself to start accepting myself
From what people say and think
To build confidence and reaching the level of freedom
I have a story to tell

To love deeply …to be deeply alone
To accept the loneliness and enjoying the solitude
Still believing in goodness and beauty of love
I have a story to tell

Surrounded with shallowness being part of unfair, cruel and ruthless world
A lot of the time persuaded to be like everyone and follow the rat race
Still believe in kindness, humanity, karma, justice and leading a truthful life
I have a story to tell

Looking world from different eyes, question, but don’t prejudice
Observing but not judging…accepting but not stereotyping..
From fighting for the right even if fighting alone
I have a story to tell

From failing a lot, but not giving up
From learning everyday still understand I know so little
From getting up on days where I feel like giving up
Fighting my own demons still ready to help the needy first
I have a story to tell

From being in places or being in the imaginary world
From being in the crowd and feeling alone and surrounded by loved one feeling home
From on verge of breakdown, but smiling like hell
I have a story to tell

From listening to understanding and going layers beneath
Feel like knowing the person and in a second break the myth
From knowing person for years and find the aspect unexpectedly new
I have a story to tell

From just listen to heart and follow the intuition
Embracing the journey even how difficult it become

Always trying and putting a genuine effort
In the lost road find hope
In the testing times, full of obstacles road, have seen miracles!
From questioning why it happened to me, but later being grateful thanked god it happened to me
Realizing god you are always there with me
I have a story to tell

If you have a heart that listen and eyes than judge less and understand more

Going beyond small talk and sharing life experiences

Learning from the journey and ready for new one
l have stories to tell…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Do it for you

When you do what your heart says..
Follow your passion and build on your dreams..
You have no idea what overall positive impact you bring..
To you, for your own well being..
Life becomes beautiful..
You find new positive energy to anything you do..
You don’t have to find reasons to be happy..
As you are being happy the way you are and hopefully the way its lead to..
Your inner satisfaction brings cheers to most of the people you engaged with..
Who are happy because you are being happy simply being you…
Due to the positive aura flow..
It brings rippling effect for others to follow..
Even if you are failing, but you have strength to bounce back and try..
Fail better or try differently, keep trying and win…in every way..its keeps you going..
As you have something to look up to..
If your passion is your job, then every day is alluring, awake without the blues..
Or if you are having it as a hobby to continue..
Its give perseverance to worst days to pass by..
As it has healing power and act as a cure..
So when your heart aches for something at any age or time..
Try to listen and follow..
The path of trying has hurdles as well as miracles..
How long you can continue with what attitude decides what you will you get into..
Even this way doesn’t have immediate result or success on the parameters decided by materialistic society..
It has its own soul, rhythm that rhymes with life with bliss, fulfillment and peace of mind..
When you have not followed your heart and dreams for long you feel a certain hollow..
You tend to live, but don’t feel alive…looking for answers to follow..
That are within you, but you just ignore or set priorities differently either through circumstances, pressure or absence of clear view..
And when you start on the realisation path you feel what you were missing for so long..
But was not actually realising the impact due..
Do what your heart says it has the answers..
As not every time you get a chance and living with regrets is quite heavy though..
Do it for you and you will see an overall positive impact in your life and in those life’s you are into..
Whenever you look back it should bring satisfaction and gratitude..
Do it….follow your passion and dreams..listen to your heart…do it for you..
Take responsibility of life with you..do it for you..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Choose Kindness

Kindness is absolutely pure and divine and a strong attribute of remaining human..
Its unfortunate exploiting does hurt but shouldn’t let anyone to unbelieving it..
We all have seen some people take undue advantage and sometimes know very well they are doing it..
But still in order to ensure that no innocent and deserving human remain unbenefited..
A lot of us continue being kind and live by it..
But when someone just use to abuse kindness how can they forget..
Including God, sooner or later all will know it..
If given a choice to be kind or bully is an easy choice to make isn’t it..
Option is to be a sensible person who understands or a shrewd person who manipulates..
Well, what choice anyone makes determine by their values, behaviour and experiences..
When people still choose kindness as they don’t want any righteous to leave out..
It is similar to No innocent should be convicted in justice, may even guilty get acquitted..
It’s sad when other kindness makes one’s greed and misuse it..

Out of one of the most beautiful emotions on earth and of being human
When derives negativity its difficult to keep the faith!

Don’t forget that karma should serve the justice and some battles do need to be fought in right time to set the standard
And when I observe that still kindness exist and choose every second..every minute..every day ..
Make me realise its true that god is everywhere..
And Hope that I keep realising it..

Kind hearts will always be protected.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Enough of stereotypes…Stop It

A Pattern shift steadily to support women and equality
Is welcome and appreciated
Need all to take charge of it
To all the women out there
When you decide on priorities and breaking all stereotypes
Becoming a role model and breaking all records
Or struggling to balance, but working on it
We all are in it together.. in it
Though when I see such phenomenal actual efforts that make me believe in gradual positive shift..
But I still see some new stereotype forming and others getting unnecessarily effecting by it..
And those who are busy in forming and advocating these stereotypes..
Why don’t you look from wider eyes there are tons of better examples that you are overlooking
And this time all are more aware..you really think that you can make others believe it
I pity you that’s it

Ladies when you decide on priorities at a particular time stand by it
We all know priorities changes due to time and circumstances
Be it any for example career, family, marriage or kids
But once you made a choice then give your 100 percent to it
Just because support is available for some be it home or career
Don’t forget that still a lot need to be changed and not all are privileged but working hard to make a place..
The battle is going from long time and many have done difficult struggles and won real difficult battles with sacrifices
Just to make a better place for us, isn’t it..
How can we afford new stereotypes of taking advantage of opportunities and support given, but turning a blind eye of actual effort?
Don’t forget there are women out there who really in it to prove which is actually obvious that they are deserving of it
Don’t ruin it and don’t forget we all are together
What impacts one impact others
Once a stereotype is formed even how cliché it is that productivity or work ethics get impacted due to marriage or kids
Or they are taking situation benefit, but not putting effort
Any stereotype is altogether a battle.. we cannot afford to have battle within a battle
Really need to decide where you want your energy and time to be properly utilised
We all know things changes with added responsibilities
And not everyone’s circumstances are same, hence not judging it
But given a choice you will choose to be the hero or the victim of your own story
Only you can decide it
And if trying sailing in two boats what you think you are aiming at?

Be a supporter and encourager of each other
Learn from mistakes and grow
You are not only impacting yourself, but a whole community doesn’t forget that
This is the time to prove the obvious
Not making new stereotypes and difficulties
We know our worth and change for the better as all the efforts done and the one in progress totally worth it.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Listen Always

When your anger has a hidden frustration
When you smile, but the eyes say something else
You suddenly became silent and just said I am fine
You said but meant something else
I listen what you haven’t said

Was struggling, but not giving up
With a lot of perseverance got what deserve
Learned at every path and turned roadblock into milestones
When someone asks are you happy? Your eyes also smile and sync with what you said
I noticed and celebrate

You remember every detail of the random talk
Answer now what that time did not infer or recall
Silently help but don’t let know anyone
Said something just to make others smile with a glow
I realise more than you know

When you tried to break the shell
Was anxious and confused but still did what heart said
Try to keep a tab of near ones even busy like hell
And pretends like nothing
I understand more than you think

When you remembered and someone’s heart skips a beat
Talk through eyes and let the silence speak
Lost in the crowd, but still miss one person and feel isolated
Those who believe in vibes and cues can relate
That’s why it’s always so many ways to communicate

The Universe has more ways as the mind keeps afresh the movements with real emotions
Who says only words matter
Words are only a small part of how the universe correlates
Listen when need to..listen always
And tell when require as you never know when it’s too late.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Trying to limit or control someone is like questioning limitless opportunities..
Opportunities provided by god and universe in abundance..
Limiting anyone is like question god and doubting potential unnecessarily..
When anyone try to limit others, actually it limit their thinking process..
And when we truly understands our self’s then we push our self like no other..
Then we can reach where no one can imagine..
And the one who limit don’t realise going in circles.. moving but reaching no where..
Wisdom lies in trying and believing…believe in yourself .. not in making others path difficult..

Whosever is thinking that they are wining by limiting is unnecessary fooling themselves..
Whenever someone has tried to limit..break the shell and try even harder..
And see hope as well miracles in uncertain roads if unfortunately have been pushed into..
The one who thought they were wining in short run..
Get the dose of there medicine as they questioned law of nature…
Hence I really laugh when I face such situation..
As they dont know what actually they are losing or going to lose..
And I know what it can bring to me hence it just empower me more..
Limiting someone is immense booster for trying harder..
As the person will try from every sphere..
But the insecure being who dont even know their narrow-mindedness take them no where..
No where or pushing them into even darker hole..
Tried to make them understand but go all in vein for..
As little win make then feel high just to throw them where there is no ground or way at all..

Hence when you face such situation and think why it is happening to you..
Think it as a sign for something bigger and better routing for..
Dont fall in trap as the trap creator dont even know its for them for sure..
As God is testing them through you..
You honest being will make you way anywhere..
And the troubling soul is losing on every sphere..
Wisdom is in just keep going on truthful path
Where you tried hard even if pushed backward and bounce back..
And don’t get bothered as they dont know how far you can go…
With gifts and protection at every step though sometimes not easy to comprehend or realise..
Also watched and loved by God as you never compromised others because you trust your wings..
Wings that will actually make you fly high without fear or insecurities..
Fly high and be limitless…fly carefree…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Time ! Precious Time..

What is draining or taxing for you….for me…well…
A day is spent without a loved one’s or the day isn’t smiling..
Talking to someone who doesn’t understand me..
Spending time with people who are expert in finding faults, but just can’t empathise..
At the cost of those who even understand my silence..
Trying to prove a point to someone who is not open mind..
Take my energy unnecessarily and make me feel low through every minute passing by..
Though there are some special people in everyone’s life that even thinking and remembering them bring such joy..
And then circumstances force to talk to some that we just can’t relate and don’t know why..

Amid the chaos would like to seal my time..
To those who have space as well as guarded and understand me..
I accept I can’t choose all the time and mostly adjust and flow by..
But still want the blessing of the time to spend with my people to justify my day along while..

I know there is for sure something beautiful in everyone not at all questioning the fact by any means anyway..
But not everybody connects or takes time to understand and we can’t make everyone understand everytime..

Recognise late the importance of positive vibes, be with those who actually care and its me who needs to spare the time..
Punished enough as some days struggled to find voice to hear or someone who just there to listen by!

Hence quite infer what is taxing n draining me and who is adding days to my life..
Oh! Missed to spend time with some really great souls, those just have love, wisdom, kindness, friendship and joy to spread by..
Because was not realising what is actually worth and what doesn’t of my time…

Everybody teaches me one thing or another though..
That’s where I have just wasted or rather killed my time..
The daily longing of wish to make up to the precious lost time..
And What has added to my actually lived days that are full of life..
What are the real moments meant that will become the sweet memories of a lifetime..
I actually know some of the memory lane that will appear to me when I will be left with few last minutes of my time..
But unfortunately and regretfully don’t know how to make up for the lost time!
Bless my time…only God is good all the time…Bless my time.

Make every movement spend with loved one count and understands that it is one of those precious things that money can’t buy and time won’t repeat, but regret eats alive..
and repeating those movements or what you could have done better in just your own imagination can become a daily routine..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

To whom so ever it may concern

Picking on others just to make themselves feel less..
Advising unnecessarily when they seek just acceptance..
If someone is considering themselves perfect that doesn’t provide a licence to hate..
Don’t realise, but a little damage done can turn into disaster if not checked in the correct time frame..
To the person who just adjusting themselves strangely when they can easily stand out great.

Everyone is exclusive in their own way
But still want to fix others when not at all required what to call it hypocrite…
Love yourself enough to forgot bring in hate..
The World is not a fair place, but still enough for all to be themselves…
To satisfy ego unnecessarily picks on the innocent being…
Who is unique in their own way but struggling with self esteem..
Look they also started finding fault in themselves forgetting god made them impeccable…
a masterpiece that unfortunately slowly getting discomposed to nothing…
It takes a lot to start from nothing a lot beyond anyone can imagine…
The journey from hating to accepting and loving oneself is a long one..
The roadblocks passed in the form of judgement make the journey quite heavy for anyone understanding..

Well check on the emotion you feed in because of others before giving up..
Don’t unnecessarily punish yourself, you came so far and you can go beyond and above…
You deserve only love…
Anything or anyone that makes you feel empty or confused…
Think before processing it…is it really worth!
Making yourself a priority just to be in control is not selfish but just..

So don’t get bothered from everything you hear..
Some are struggling with themselves so badly that all they can do is pick on others!
Who has wholeheartedly accepted themselves and life..
There won’t be place for hate in them..
They would choose kindness any day
They can only spread love… can only spread love.

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

It is what it is

Was grown up reading fairy tales that gave wings to imagination
always happy endings and everything was just attainable
So carried away with each story, day dreaming became habitual
Larger than life dreams as in my world, I am not the princess, I was the fairy! Unbelievable!
for whom anything is just on the wave of magic wand away and possible

But the real teachers made larger than life entry
“Time” and” life” the brutally honest and the toughest teachers
Ensure to repeat the lesson till its not properly learnt
And it ain’t getting any better… we either became a better student or a rebel so better learn faster

But what about the wings that form due to imagination
Well with determination, dreams can become a passion with doubt repentance
The truth struck hard though, where there is no magic wand nor fairy tale neither I am a fairy angel
From others eyes as well what I have is less, but not complaining though life is bearable

Divine drops everywhere in different shapes and forms as closely observe
Its in child innocence and smile, its in parent’s blessing
Its in nature and in kindness as well in love
Its in gratitude in perseverance and its in hope
Accept life whole heartedly as though it is not ideal but still worth and beautiful

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

You are beautiful

You know what’s beautiful..
You are able to see the good in others when they themselves were struggling to..
Have randomly compliment someone and feel what they have fallen by realising the magical glow..

Surprise someone..whosoever say they don’t like surprises ..well they actually do!
Encourage!! You don’t even know what life altering effects can it bring in to..
Listen just only listen when needed to..
Accept as people are without being judgemental though..
Selflessly being kind and helped when required to..
Treating everyone with respect..smile often and not look reason for..
Just to remind that you are beautiful even if you have heard less so..
Most beautiful just for you to know..
I see you everywhere…human or angel or angel in the form of human what to call you….
You don’t even know how you saved someone, made them smile, change their perspective or bring them out of the blue…
Just by being there understanding and spreading wisdom…
They remember you for life and give examples of you…
Listening of you in different and life changing stories…
Make be believe in human kind more and full of gratitude..
Heartfelt thank you for being you..
You are beautiful .. beautiful you are.. if not you than who!

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved


Was dealing with retaining hope..
Trying to accept the reality..
And struggling with understanding myself..
Had unintentionally hurt some feelings as not prepared to deal..
Though those gentle feelings were with good intentions and pure..
Got hurt as clashes with my timings of healing and mistakenly ignored..
Never meant to hurt even in my thoughts forget in reality..
Just was not in the right frame of mind at that point of time and occupied in inner fighting.

Was running away or not ready can’t really decide…
But do realise that was not doing something right…
All this while through was hurting myself too..

To end the suffering and let bygones be bygones..

Let us try to resolve with one of the methods of divine..
I ask for forgiveness from you and also from me..
Let buried the past with cure of forgiveness that I seek..
Not to repeat and just have a clear thought process as future being unforeseen..
Lets set our self free….
The burden if you are unnecessary carrying can repeat my story in your journey…
The chain of regret will not lead anywhere anybody…
Hence lets forget n forgive and further live carefree..
Hope you forgive me and I forgive me.

Written by Swati Sharma
Copyright 2021© Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

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