Poetic view

POETIC VIEW #writers

Poetic view is the most beautiful as well as heart wrenching outlook
The days dreams are too long and human interaction too few
They first believe that the world is the fair and the ideal place to be
Their myth breaks badly and then just start writing out of the blue
They make you feel how beautiful it was when they living the dream
They make you realise how cruel reality can be unbelievable but true
Then they give you hope, inspiration and better reason to live
No matter inside their heart running so many emotions bleeding in that book
Any thought that disturbs or touch become a piece of writing
All unrequited feelings unsaid words become poetry, stories and world view
They have a deepness of thought due to the insight and a lot felt within
The meaningful writing because lot to say but words too few
They fly from places to time zones to living one moment again and again
After writing with whole heart they still feel the emotion is still new
The vision is high, so the inner sight and so the compassion and also the regret
So much has been written, but a lot unsaid.. unsaid… unsaid..
Thought was sometimes buried inside for so long that just burst into
Sometime an instant effect has so much that if not write will keep playing within your head … killing or impacting you..
Cheers to the poets to their visions and there view
Writers make you realise that feeling or arise that emotion instantly that was already within you
Fly high…swim deep…feel and recite unfold the already existing world but sounds always new
Kudos to writers

Writing matters# unspoken words eat you alive and make you write#poet#writers

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

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