Broken yet beautiful

That was a precious creation, so close to my heart and soul
I have made it with all my efforts and my intentions was so pure
See what a creation I got so much applaud
That it turned black eye to some touching the wrong chord
They want to steal it or want the credit of it at any cost
Their evil eye makes my heart bleed and hurt me to the core
Unnecessary they just ruin what was made to perfection and more
And even in ruins, it shines like a diamond and itself told whom it belongs
It was still so close to my heart and will remain forever
It has my sweat, hard work and part of my soul
Even if I did not get the fruit for it, I will root for it and set as a best ever exemplar
For who had bad intention karma is looking and ready to roar.

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

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