Long live creators

Observing a real talent is mesmerising
Be it a natural having god blessing
Be it scratched to perfection by polishing
The real creativity is so much alive
Even if the creator die but not his/her art what he/she has given life
How many times seen discussed and liked
It’s just as fresh and bring a twinkle to the eyes
Look your heart and soul smile when you create it
Just even looking at it we feel therapeutic
Oh artists, creatives, writers, dancers, musicians, singers, filmmakers, poets and whosoever creating and building new
What great souls you are
Your vibes give positivity to me and make the world a beautiful scene to view
There is a whole world within you
You are god’s special child and what you have is magic..
The way God creates nature and felt overwhelmed by it
The same way you create art and the world get spellbound by it
This world is a place to live enough because you are in it
We forgot all our stress, depression, problem by just looking and feeling it
What you guys have is special and what you gave is just too aesthetic
When you perform you feel the aura and aroma your heart and soul smile by it
When we see, it gives us immense pleasure and genuine smile that we feel connected
You got the power to inspire, move and change people
You got the power to enlighten the within talent that they forgot in order to follow so called society norms
How many times you pulled us out of stress times
How many times you just double the happiness
How many times you bring closer to us and almighty
You have it..realise it..empower it and present it to the whole world
You created it, polished it put your hard work and rest becomes history
I respect and adore the way I adore every god creation
Because by seeing you I see how God does it… because by seeing you I see God in it..
Create,make history, become legend and repeat it
Yes, that is how you do it
Yes, that is how we remember it
Sometime you put so much soul in it that we start worshiping it
Wow, I don’t have words for what I feel about it
That’s why I believe in magic as I have lots of times got my jaw dropped and stunned by it
Thanks for listening to your heart and have the courage of following it even you have to go with a lot of hardships
I salute and love what you have and what you made out of it
Not everybody can do that why you are above and different and we are proud about it
Long live originality, creativity and the wonderful creators who create it
Long live!!

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

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