A twinkle in the eyes when someone talk about their passion
flowing happy tears due to achievement after failures and perseverance
A child’s smile, innocence and carefree attitude
Receiving blessing from the heart after feeling the gratitude
Loving and accepting yourself as you are
Have Found someone who understand oh so rare
Being loved fully, madly, truly and unconditionally
Working on dreams and hope to achieve and survive
Got a chance to do what you love that’s finding earth’s paradise
Self control showing the wisdom that you acquire
Balance of self discipline and knowing when to let go
Fight a cause and provide solution that affected masses
Choose a difficult path and create way to lead others
Excel in talent that is gifted or acquired and creating history
Influenced a lot , touch the chord and become a role model to follow
What you do with all you have known by your name become legacy
How you do is a lesson for others a powerful institution you being
Knowing your passion excelling in it and sharing it with betterment in society
Know how to remain happy and content with life within
Having parents, home cooked food and blessed with family
Have a vivid imagination with clarity to make it a reality
Know it more important to have and work on dream day and night no matter when you realise it
Always listened to heart follow it even if you fail or struggled bringing real satisfaction in the soul
Positive aura flows with you so much that others are also impacted
Lived in your full capacity in all the role life provided to you
Said and listened when you actually need to
Understood the importance of time and knowing its being most powerful
Eyes with hope and passion not with complaints and regrets
Never let the hope and dream die
Love life, be thankful, live it fully and embrace death with complete satisfaction and peace in the eyes, heart and soul
God knows you lived it right and made a path clear for others to follow
Simple…effective….precious…god within…it all lies within
You always have a sigh of relief

For what a beautiful life and the way you live!

Live live, live just live

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

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