A story to tell!

From broken pieces of self esteem
To building it completely I have a story to tell
From deep fear and insecurities
To discover my self
I have a story to tell

From hating myself to start accepting myself
From what people say and think
To build confidence and reaching the level of freedom
I have a story to tell

To love deeply …to be deeply alone
To accept the loneliness and enjoying the solitude
Still believing in goodness and beauty of love
I have a story to tell

Surrounded with shallowness being part of unfair, cruel and ruthless world
A lot of the time persuaded to be like everyone and follow the rat race
Still believe in kindness, humanity, karma, justice and leading a truthful life
I have a story to tell

Looking world from different eyes, question, but don’t prejudice
Observing but not judging…accepting but not stereotyping..
From fighting for the right even if fighting alone
I have a story to tell

From failing a lot, but not giving up
From learning everyday still understand I know so little
From getting up on days where I feel like giving up
Fighting my own demons still ready to help the needy first
I have a story to tell

From being in places or being in the imaginary world
From being in the crowd and feeling alone and surrounded by loved one feeling home
From on verge of breakdown, but smiling like hell
I have a story to tell

From listening to understanding and going layers beneath
Feel like knowing the person and in a second break the myth
From knowing person for years and find the aspect unexpectedly new
I have a story to tell

From just listen to heart and follow the intuition
Embracing the journey even how difficult it become

Always trying and putting a genuine effort
In the lost road find hope
In the testing times, full of obstacles road, have seen miracles!
From questioning why it happened to me, but later being grateful thanked god it happened to me
Realizing god you are always there with me
I have a story to tell

If you have a heart that listen and eyes than judge less and understand more

Going beyond small talk and sharing life experiences

Learning from the journey and ready for new one
l have stories to tell…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

12 thoughts on “A story to tell!

  1. We all have our stories. Few filled with happiness, few filled with pain, few crazy, few lazy.. life needs to go on. We are our own stories we weave to live. Yes, we all haveour stories to tell.. Would like to connect with you.


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