Accept and Understand

You feel two love birds totally lost in themselves forgetting the world around is judging them unnecessarily
The first thought will come what’s wrong with these two
But the second thought made you realise is it that love suppose to be… content…lost in the eyes
You feel the correct vibe when you let go the judgmental side..

You see a special child with special needs that his/her parents trying to meet
First reaction why creator is cruel sometimes
Then you took a pause and look at innocent smile of that child who is no way at fault
Our acceptance can easily make ways for them normal is that too much to ask for or as human justified

Hey, what you do on weekend…. some people have the answer that doesn’t fit the social norms
They like to spend time with themselves, read, write, observe, introspect
First thought you got oh what a freak he/ she don’t have a life
Then you have to look beyond and see that there are some activities that bring life to them…it’s their life…their choice…totally reasonable and unquestionable
We just need to accept people and their respected choice that is not harming them or anybody

Being different is how the god’s created nature and expect us to inspire by it, then why forcefully fit in when easily can be unique
And it’s quite simple we just have to realise and accept that’s it

So what you do for living, you still not married, what about kids
First reaction what a burden to family and unfortunate…Can somebody let him/her understand
Think properly who needs to understand
What they choose in their personal and professional life at what time, why exactly that impacting you is the right question
See they are content and happy that actually and only thing matters in life and it’s their life and they have right to choose the parameters and time

Have an impression that we have the maturity to understand because the response just show what is reflecting inside me and you
Making each other happy and joyful whenever we meet any one….leaving with a feeling that we should meet often or why on earth I even know or related to you…is the choice we have to make
Express not just communicate, respond don’t react, Be an encourager, accept if cannot appreciate..
Choose to spread joy… everybody is fighting there battles already unknown to you..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

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