While the judging comes naturally, understanding what makes us wiser..
How easily we believe in negativity and question the positive attribute..
The ego sitting in name of insecurities by way of demeaning other makes some people happier!
Criticising become such a habit forget it’s being constructive, its take shape of bitching to fill the hollowness created in them
The other innocent but struggling chap even try to find something useful in that criticism, that is just meant to either kill the self esteem or filling the void that is actually nothing to do with you
No matter how many times you try, push yourself all they want is to pinpoint where you struggled waiting to see you sinking not at all a healthy competition though
After facing all this still you shine as you keep trying without giving up, that was not appreciated, sadly slowly its effecting you but don’t let it… keep growing through
Your undying spirit and self motivation are the key driver with hope and believe to work in the present and future days will become better is pushing you
You sailed though the storms that was made to break you…you sailed through….
Then someone said something felt so magical and it was true, but felt unbelievable
Something like you done well, I know you can do this, you have so much potential and heartfelt appreciation that was genuine and made you glow

You sailed though the storms, it gave you hope and confidence
Appreciation and belief helping you to shine and made those heavy steps a little lighter as you start to see the light which is helping you..
Here made the thin line difference that who is criticizing, advising and helping like mentor a well wisher or just a random being not human yet struggling with their insecurities and using you…
Appreciation mostly works when its genuine and felt within along with proper expression, though some use it as flattering mechanism, hence remain careful
Yes not easy, but don’t bog down by criticism use it as constructively be selective on who’s view actually matters and what needed to be worked through
Try to surround yourself with positive, non judgmental, understanding people, though sometime you struggle to find them and then all the roles need to be played by you
But at any cost stay away with toxicity and negativity, understand the vibe you are getting and maintain distance or just walk away don’t put you peace of mind at stake for people who don’t even understand themselves how they will anyway understand you…
Right and timely appreciation can do wonders its boast the confidence and push you to achieve more
Constructive criticism also play a very important role hence carefully choose the mentor
Don’t let appreciation impact you in such a way that you further cannot take the criticism anymore
Keep working on yourself, loving your self, accepting yourself and forgive when require and choose to evolve..
Everyone can be a criticizer, but understand the world need encouragers too
Believe in yourself listen to your heart choose “the passion “or “with passion” celebrate even small achievements and believe you can achieve anything your eyes has set upon to…. believe so…

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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