I am me

I remind you that part of yourself which you forgot or can’t continue to be..
You choose to be alike to be accepted in society..
You hate me for enjoying my solitude and being me..
I choose my people with little caution..
But like to treat all without prejudice..
And you judge me on the basis of parameters..
Which you don’t even know who decides!
You want me to change for your own sake..
I accept you as you are with wider concise..
I remind you that the attributes which you choose to hide..
That I carry with pride..
You hate me for the that I know..
I am fine with that, but sorry for you..
You struggle with your true identity..
And amaze to accept that are reflecting in me..
How I remain like that or why I did not become like you…
You hate it because you are angry at you..
The hollowness you filled with social norms..
Give you strike when you meet someone who wear their soul in their eyes..
So transparent, total freedom and nothing to hide.
You caged in what you were and what you have become..
Mirror knows keep the mask aside.

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

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