A random Act…

Don’t know its a boon or bane..
We all know people we haven’t met..
As we are not directly dealing with them, but include by near one in those spaces through conversation..
Because either they make us happy or stressed..

Once our team got a new manager from different location
He joined us and we are busy judging him as usual along with day to day struggles.

And then in few months got a message from stranger out of the blue

Stating you don’t know me, but I know you..
I was in shock is this some kind of threat or danger..
Suddenly the person who messaged me revealed her identity..
I am your boss’s wife and need a favour.

I know you because he talks about you and other team members..
That’s how apprehensive he was joining the team, but you all make him comfortable..
He trusts you and getting properly settled into working with the team..
As he talks about you that why I knew you…and I hope positive things!

And then she reveals the purpose of reaching out can you please advise the exact address of your office
As it’s his birthday next week!
Please don’t tell him I took your number from his phone
And the reason also that she wants to surprise as if I don’t understand!

What a thoughtful gesture of a doting wife who just wants to make her husband happy…
And trusting strangers on the basis of her husband’s words, though quite risky..
Gladly shared the address with assurance to keep it secret
On birthday, he got two surprises
He got a gift from his loving wife and surprise birthday party from the team alongside.

He got really happy brimming all day with a smile.

One of the rare few incidents that make me cherish about being part of
The cycle of trust and making each other happy flows in ripple
The devotion of a wife…the dilemma of starting a new phase in a different place..
Yet to celebrate special movement by making your presence felt without being physically present..
A loving gesture through a trustworthy stranger can be a gamble..
Worth trying shows how important is that person.

Bring life to place where these types of instance are rare and celebrated like occasion..
Thank you for choosing me and making me a part of something I cherish whenever I remember..
May your bond grows stronger ever day and love forever.

We tend to forgot bosses are also human who has regular dilemma’s and similar issues if we look from wider sense.
And boss you got a great wife who can do anything to make you happy and a great team well anyway you are a lucky person!

Written Swati Sharma
Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

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