Accept or Choose!

Once an astrologer said that your stars are in the wrong positions..
Neither they favour you so, nor life will.
You will struggle a lot and get so little..
Major star “Sun” position is zero in horoscope charts put other stars in dangerous brink..
Struggle chosen for you and will lead as an unsatisfied being..
Got depressed for a while, but soon realise how precious life is..
And start looking from bigger perspective..

Told myself, let see what pain can bring..
Struggle in journey… At least I have a journey with a faithful companion like “struggle” with me..
And taking inspiration from Sun to be just like him
With belief in god and try, but not ever give up philosophy

Will shine with struggle and maybe one day will have an aura like sun
Its shine brings light and life… Not insecure or bothered by anyone or anything
I choose my destiny and try to bring the best of my version..
Though accept the result with a lot of understanding

Evolve with every phase, calm and happy state of living..

Bring it on life with every situation having positive string..
Bring it on..lets give life a meaning
I choose and that’s why I accept hence no blame on any being..

Written Swati Sharma
Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

3 thoughts on “Accept or Choose!

  1. True that. It’s always important to evolve each day no matter what your circumstancs are. Never ever bog down .. keep believing yourself constantly and do what best you can to keep yourself happy. Embrace life.

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