You are beautiful

You know what’s beautiful..
You are able to see the good in others when they themselves were struggling to..
Have randomly compliment someone and feel what they have fallen by realising the magical glow..

Surprise someone..whosoever say they don’t like surprises ..well they actually do!
Encourage!! You don’t even know what life altering effects can it bring in to..
Listen just only listen when needed to..
Accept as people are without being judgemental though..
Selflessly being kind and helped when required to..
Treating everyone with often and not look reason for..
Just to remind that you are beautiful even if you have heard less so..
Most beautiful just for you to know..
I see you everywhere…human or angel or angel in the form of human what to call you….
You don’t even know how you saved someone, made them smile, change their perspective or bring them out of the blue…
Just by being there understanding and spreading wisdom…
They remember you for life and give examples of you…
Listening of you in different and life changing stories…
Make be believe in humanity more with full of gratitude..
Heartfelt thank you for being you..
You are beautiful .. beautiful you are.. if not you than who!

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved


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