To whom so ever it may concern

Picking on others just to make themselves feel less..
Advising unnecessarily when they seek just acceptance..
If someone is considering themselves perfect that doesn’t provide a licence to hate..
Don’t realise, but a little damage done can turn into disaster if not checked in the correct time frame..
To the person who just adjusting themselves strangely when they can easily stand out great.

Everyone is exclusive in their own way
But still want to fix others when not at all required what to call it hypocrite…
Love yourself enough to forgot bring in hate..
The World is not a fair place, but still enough for all to be themselves…
To satisfy ego unnecessarily picks on the innocent being…
Who is unique in their own way but struggling with self esteem..
Look they also started finding fault in themselves forgetting god made them impeccable…
a masterpiece that unfortunately slowly getting discomposed to nothing…
It takes a lot to start from nothing a lot beyond anyone can imagine…
The journey from hating to accepting and loving oneself is a long one..
The roadblocks passed in the form of judgement make the journey quite heavy for anyone understanding..

Well check on the emotion you feed in because of others before giving up..
Don’t unnecessarily punish yourself, you came so far and you can go beyond and above…
You deserve only love…
Anything or anyone that makes you feel empty or confused…
Think before processing it…is it really worth!
Making yourself a priority just to be in control is not selfish but just..

So don’t get bothered from everything you hear..
Some are struggling with themselves so badly that all they can do is pick on others!
Who has wholeheartedly accepted themselves and life..
There won’t be place for hate in them..
They would choose kindness any day
They can only spread love… can only spread love.

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

13 thoughts on “To whom so ever it may concern

  1. Such a beautiful and well-written post, Swati! It’s also relatable and I know what it’s like to be unfairly judged by others and hated for simply being who I am. I was bullied for years while I was young. I especially love the line, “The journey for hating to accepting and loving oneself is a long one.” – that line is so true, especially if you were ever bullied. My journey to self-love and acceptance was indeed a long one. But I’m glad I put in the inner work and learned to love myself and be myself unapologetically. It’s such sweet freedom! ❤

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