Choose Kindness

Kindness is absolutely pure and divine and a strong attribute of remaining human..
Its unfortunate exploiting does hurt but shouldn’t let anyone to unbelieving it..
We all have seen some people take undue advantage and sometimes know very well they are doing it..
But still in order to ensure that no innocent and deserving human remain unbenefited..
A lot of us continue being kind and live by it..
But when someone just use to abuse kindness how can they forget..
Including God, sooner or later all will know it..
If given a choice to be kind or bully is an easy choice to make isn’t it..
Option is to be a sensible person who understands or a shrewd person who manipulates..
Well, what choice anyone makes determine by their values, behaviour and experiences..
When people still choose kindness as they don’t want any righteous to leave out..
It is similar to No innocent should be convicted in justice, may even guilty get acquitted..
It’s sad when other kindness makes one’s greed and misuse it..

Out of one of the most beautiful emotions on earth and of being human
When derives negativity its difficult to keep the faith!

Don’t forget that karma should serve the justice and some battles do need to be fought in right time to set the standard
And when I observe that still kindness exist and choose every day..every second..every minute…
Make me realise its true that god is everywhere..
And Hope that I keep realising it..

Kind hearts will always be protected.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

73 thoughts on “Choose Kindness

  1. So well penned, I could absolutely resonate with so many of your points.. and can’t agree more that “kind hearts will be protected”… The journey may be an easy one or a difficult one, keep practising kindness as experience makes one wiser and practise makes it better 🌻😊..

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