Do it for you

When you do what your heart says..
Follow your passion and build on your dreams..
You have no idea what overall positive impact you bring..
To you, for your own well being..
Life becomes beautiful..
You find new positive energy to anything you do..
You don’t have to find reasons to be happy..
As you are being happy the way you are and hopefully the way its lead to..
Your inner satisfaction brings cheers to most of the people you engaged with..
Who are happy because you are being happy simply being you…
Due to the positive aura flow..
It brings rippling effect for others to follow..
Even if you are failing, but you have strength to bounce back and try..
Fail better or try differently, keep trying and win…in every way..its keeps you going..
As you have something to look up to..
If your passion is your job, then every day is alluring, awake without the blues..
Or if you are having it as a hobby to continue..
Its give perseverance to worst days to pass by..
As it has healing power and act as a cure..
So when your heart aches for something at any age or time..
Try to listen and follow..
The path of trying has hurdles as well as miracles..
How long you can continue with what attitude decides what you will you get into..
Even this way doesn’t have immediate result or success on the parameters decided by materialistic society..
It has its own soul, rhythm that rhymes with life with bliss, fulfillment and peace of mind..
When you have not followed your heart and dreams for long you feel a certain hollow..
You tend to live, but don’t feel alive…looking for answers to follow..
That are within you, but you just ignore or set priorities differently either through circumstances, pressure or absence of clear view..
And when you start on the realisation path you feel what you were missing for so long..
But was not actually realising the impact due..
Do what your heart says it has the answers..
As not every time you get a chance and living with regrets is quite heavy though..
Do it for you and you will see an overall positive impact in your life and in those life’s you are into..
Whenever you look back it should bring satisfaction and gratitude..
Do it….follow your passion and dreams..listen to your heart…do it for you..
Take responsibility of life with it for you..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

31 thoughts on “Do it for you

  1. Most definitely! So much truth here. I stopped writing a few years ago because my ex fiancée became a leech in my life. He started slowly taking me away from all the things I loved. Then, acted difficult. When I wanted to do those things. When it came down to it, he flipped it all around and treated me as though I was the problem. He expected the most of my energy which meant my writing laid wayside. Once he assaulted me and fled. I started writing through that trauma. As I continued telling my story I started having grateful revelations and excitement as my greatest passion in life, in now able to do daily since he’s been out of my life. 😁☺️

    Us writers we write from experience. While the truth upsets him beyond all reason, I still found my happiness without him.

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