To my first encourager- Thank you

Was in intermediate school when the teacher gave us an assignment
A topic to write with original content
Was scared to share original story as well as shocked with the requirement
Well with a lot of apprehension … on the due date everyone starts to share their story in class on the turn

Mostly share the same story with a lot of amazement!…
Was not sure of the assignment not understood properly or like other homework this also got copied by most of them!
My chance to present was next day scheduled
Got the idea from others and start framing my story on similar thought
But at night don’t know why was not able to sleep..

To make it different is the thought ringing in my mind..
And out of sudden an original thought came and I framed my words around with new story this time..
Next day again the rounds to share began..
And the teacher who gave the assignment with enthusiasm now looking disappointed..
As mostly the same content was getting shared again and again
My turn came and she did not look any more interested to listen
I started hesitatingly and finished with my version..
She was surprised and said you did it or someone supported at home at my end,
I clarified this is my original take..
She made everyone clapped and told me not to share your notes to anyone..
I thought only bright student copies are usually shared and hence wondered if she liked then why she stopped me from sharing my notebook in front of everyone..
Must be some blunder I did or she hated it so much..
I really end up thinking that I did horribly bad and not enough..
Post that our copies get checked and She first time wrote in my note with stars “well done”
That was the first appreciation I received on what I wrote,
I didn’t infer her verbal cues correctly..
Not to share with others as they can copy and asking did anyone helped in to get assurance it was my content…
So many years passed and I still remember the instance..
A small encouragement did have a space in sub consciousness..
Wish she told me keep writing and working on building my writing skills with confidence..
May be I would have understood and learned more early to work on my writing..
Not complaining though..
Totally novice with lifetime learnings. It’s my journey and my up and downs..
She and her feedback have a positive impact and I feel humbled..

That time I don’t remember I thanked enough
But to my first observer thank you for your patience and encouragement..
I echo with your thought of giving student to try to do something original
Just to make them realise and nurture their talent..
Else mostly we were taught to mug up and creativity at that time was not a priority or important..

I just started writing quite late when I was facing blues and don’t know how to channelize some emotions..
Writing gives me solace when I tried and failed to vent with all other options..
But when I look back this is the only time someone has seen a flare of writing in me when I was not even thinking it over as an option..

I am very grateful by this instance
No wonder little appreciation really works for everyone
It’s not bound with any age and have a positive impact to most of the creatures..
It can derive magic when mix with encouragement!
Yes, Understood late that appreciation as well as feedback are part only of encouragement !
Last but not the least…Thank you, ma’am with all my heart, you are really a gem person…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

17 thoughts on “To my first encourager- Thank you

  1. What a great story! I hope you still own this piece of writing and can read it again. It was very brave of you to follow your instinct and create something original. And you certainly got rewarded by the teacher for having courage. I love it!

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  2. Genuine appreciation plays a significant role in lifting or flourishing someone’s self esteem. At times we are good at criticism but lag behind in appreciating the goodness in someone. But it’s good that you also remember that good person👍


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