Hope and pray – unconditional love – beyond infinity

Hope and pray..
One wish constantly..
Never ever separate those..
Who love..
With lots of test and patience..
When anyone gets that..
Kind of love..
No norms, rules or even fate..
Should come in between..
Time as well timings..
To remain perfectly..
By their side..
How much the whole life..
Get impacted..
Of not only theirs..
But also for those they care deeply..

One of the biggest strengths..
Should never turn into..
Anyone weakness..
All either should understand..
Or leave it to them..
One of biggest virtue is to..
Let two souls remain together..
Who are meant to be..
Help them to unite..
Understands they are meant to be..
Understand even its hurting..
In the long run you will realise..
And will able to joint the dots..
That what happened was best..
Best for everyone..
Hope no one regrets that…

And one of the biggest sins
To stab real feelings
Feelings of true love
Ignorance, ego or being plain stupid
And trying to separate or just ruin
Real, raw and forever love
I just don’t have the answer or reason..
Being human we made mistakes and learn..
hope we move with and towards Love..

If you are fortunate enough to have..
Have true love..
Grab it.. fight for it and protect it forever..
That’s your gift.. divine gift.
Don’t let it go..
Make them realise every time..
What they meant for you…You understood..
The meaning..
Meaning of true love..

If you can witness, understand or able to help…
Two lovebirds that belong to each other..
To remain it together till its best for them..
You understood..
The meaning..
Meaning of true love..

The feeling that has..
The power to bring God to earth..
Just to feel..
Feel the best that she/he has to offer..
True and unconditional..
Blessed are those who can actually love..
Love truly and unconditionally..
Give real meaning to live..
Beyond infinity…beyond words…

Love love

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Feb 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

18 thoughts on “Hope and pray – unconditional love – beyond infinity

  1. Beautifully said. And it’s true that unconditional love can be seen by others as a weakness. But it’s not. It’s a beautiful gift. And can also be described as the kind of love that is hopefully between a parent and child. Just to know that someone has your back always, believes in you, no matter what, is so important. It is my hope to always have this kind of love for others, even if it seems impossible. And we’re human, so we fail. But I think we need to get up and try again, even after failure. To always have this kind of love as a goal. I believe it’s why we’re here. To learn that.

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  2. I’m sorry if this seems to be annoying but as I’m a new visitor to your blog, I don’t wanted to just drop like and disappear. I actually read your poems and enjoyed them and I am looking forward to read more. I’m sorry to bother you with unwanted notifications, comments was just to show my respect towards your work.


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