I Read your story..
Found identical..
Also found hope..
This much similarity..
Is it me in the story?
Signal or coincidence..
Go through it all over again..

The difference..
My part of hope and feeling you added..
In the story..
Its incomplete for you..
For me its complete..
My heart found the words for its feelings..

It’s confusing me..
You are a stranger
How do you know exactly how I feel..
This relatable..
Writing an expected fate..

Couldn’t able to stop thinking that
Is it you…no…no…
Or are you the guardian angel..
Is the universe trying to give me cues?
Incite the suppressed feelings..

Reality struck..
Like a slap..
The story which I lived and believed and you gave words..
In reality, it’s just painstakingly opposite..
From your story..
My story..
Seemingly our story, though, no..
Just Story..
Extinguish the fire..
Once for all…

Within lot of darkness..
When found a dim light..
Its fortunate or unfortunate..
Made me happy..
Made me sad..
But made be feel again..
Most disappointedly, gave me expectations..
And now..
Post reality check..
Closed door and the big mountain ahead..
Numbed me…

Your stories…
Still have those depths..
Still have meaning..
Hope and feelings..
But for me..
It’s dead
Not your fault though..
Can’t relate..
Even If I do..
Wont believe..
It has reached..
A fatal end..
Understood…With experience..
Not all stories have perfect or good end..
Just ends…
Sometimes even without explanation..
Like it never exist..
An illusion..
From one end..
Far.. very far from fiction..
The end

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Feb 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

7 thoughts on “Illusion…

  1. A writer writes a story with his or her own feelings and with happy ending but in reality may be different ! So it may be illustration ! Beautiful poem 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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