Beyond meaning…

Reading the words..
Thinking beyond the meaning..
Writing about it…trying…
With a perspective…
A heart full of feelings..
But with a void..
Void that filled with silence…
Writers are those who felt deeply …sometimes yes with overthinking..
Wholesome experience, but..
Gruesome incomplete..
And still just by the little touch of real emotions..
They can let you know..
More beautiful than you ever know yourself..
Just the exact words for what you feel
At those precious moments..
Or bring back the memory just by going through their experience…
That smile, tears or smirk on your face..
Tells you something..
Just to ignite your own real instinct..
Don’t look for answers..
As you already have them within..
You are thinking…
This time….smiling….

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright June 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

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