Her smile and aura is full of life..
She lives like no tomorrow..
Retired from work..
Living with her only son, very hardworking, obedient and loving..
She makes everyone around her cheerful..
With her enthusiasm and smile..

But that dark phase..
Of fighting the battle with her son covid treatment..
Running for help for hospital, oxygen cylinder and ventilators..
Her spirit for his survival, more important than her own life..
As soon she ensures everything available..

A dreadful call..
Call informing of her son is no more..
Heard a sound..
From their house..
Cracking any soul.
A loud, deep howl..
Followed by loud cries..
And she kept repeating his name..
Saying he left me..

We all ran to support..
But she being an empath thinking for all..
Due to covid restrictions..
Didn’t open the gate..

She kept on sobbing for days..
Some days so loud enough..
Including her we all also feel so helpless and couldn’t sleep..
I can never imagine her like this..

She has an indomitable spirit..
Slowly she puts herself back..
moved to a different place and trying to bring back her routine..
But her sobbing..
That howl..
Still give me chills..
Covid you have taken away more than anybody could ever imagine.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright August 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


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