And its life..

Have always learned the hard way that expectation from others hurts…Hence, tried to never expect since long time..But life will make you learn that aspect, you never want to know…That even taking charge of your own happiness..Comes with a price.. Even getting a small thing..Have its own share of sacrifices..Life is brutal at so manyContinue reading “And its life..”

Distantly connected…

The words you read..Chords they stroke..As per your own thought process..And experiences..AndThenSomeone out there..Who exactly understands..What has been written and said..Or the story behind it..Or just resonates.. One story, poem, quote or verse..But different meaning for different people..AndThenSame meaning for some people..Complete or incomplete..Or the missing sentence gets filled..Or said at the same time..Only theyContinue reading “Distantly connected…”

Lost to be found

It’s the view or the capture..Sound or the wind..A Mesmerising spectacle..It’s the lyrics or the music..The one who plays or the one who sing or the one who dances..Or the one Who draws or..The above all one who teaches..Everything has just become more meaningful..A serene after chaos..Or encountering your own being after so long..Soul connectsContinue reading “Lost to be found”

Set free…

When it was part of me and my story..It was safe with me..When I shared it with the world..It sets me free..AndIt sets all free..Empowering it is. With all having their own journeys..The Path crossed sometimes for no reason..Just memories..Faded with time..No! Cherished the beautiful one’s lifetimeHope everyone reach their destinations happily..With lovely and smoothContinue reading “Set free…”


I have seen those impactful unknown faces whose eyes tell lots of stories..But I really don’t know why I keep them recalling…Unintentionally.. I want to forget some chapters in my story..But even with slight resemblance, get triggers from nowhere..And either I am sobbing or smiling..And then complaining..That’s how till now… really!Why I am not completelyContinue reading “Compelling..”

Angelic Acts..

It takes kindness, love and respect to touch other’s heart while anyone speaks..You show your beautiful heart in your words..It takes wise eyes to understand the body language and cues..You show your deep perspective of life when you understand the implicit.. It takes a warmth in the soul just to make others feel better..You CHOOSEContinue reading “Angelic Acts..”


When someone can’t be there at your lowest..Nor be able to share small or big successes..That’s the answer..Quite simple yet unnecessarily complicated..That with either scream or silence..You know whom you want to share the most..Looking for those eyes and smile in your own crowd..But yet so helpless..You know your incomplete bliss..You felt the sorrow alongContinue reading “Unfortunate”


“Why would I tell you”He said jokingly with a grin..“Yeah! Why would you tell me”She replied on a serious note.Next time…They met..He explained it all..Without even asking..And innocent her just thinking..Exactly why now he is telling!It was just a general question..But he hasn’t forgotten the instance..Because, as usual, he noticed even the smallest details…Did heContinue reading “Beginning”

Bird of limited sky… meant to fly, occasionally…caged to fit…

For every step to fit in..But lose oneself a bit..If no place for different..Then why nature made us exclusive..Be introvert, extrovert or ambivert it is..Though it’s natural to be but why not accepted.. I don’t expect you to be the way I am..Why you want and expect tell me please..Can you imagine a world withContinue reading “Bird of limited sky… meant to fly, occasionally…caged to fit…”

Justice to be served

To all those people..Who don’t consider other human..Just for your own selfish motives..Living in a – I, me, myself grandiosity bubble.. When confronted with truth..Get triggered and feel targeted..Abuse other kindness, take undue advantage and set false narratives..Lie that much that forget the lie- truth difference..Always false victimise as the whole world is blind..Play victimContinue reading “Justice to be served”