Don’t wake me

Wake me up in beautiful realityThat I forgot what sleeping isMake everyday like a dream come trueThat I don’t escape reality by daydreamingWaking up does not become a challenge but an awaiting choiceNot only weekends, but every movement filled with energy and peaceThough imagination and dreams gives satisfactionBut feeling it for real everyday is theContinue reading “Don’t wake me”

World is ideal

Remember when we were kids and look world with amazement and curiosity Everything feels so positive and just so majestic Trust anyone with good heart and a smile Believe in angels and want to be angel like Everything seems possible every dream was achievable The world is beautiful, liveable and ideal I still want toContinue reading “World is ideal”

Poetic view

POETIC VIEW #writers Poetic view is the most beautiful as well as heart wrenching outlook The days dreams are too long and human interaction too few They first believe that the world is the fair and the ideal place to be Their myth breaks badly and then just start writing out of the blue TheyContinue reading “Poetic view”