To my first encourager- Thank you

Was in intermediate school when the teacher gave us an assignmentA topic to write with original contentWas scared to share original story as well as shocked with the requirementWell with a lot of apprehension … on the due date everyone starts to share their story in class on the turn Mostly share the same storyContinue reading “To my first encourager- Thank you”

What if!

An outsider surrounded by bystanders and targeted by Saboteur…Silently fighting the demons of inside as well outside’s..But looked upon almighty and protected by angels..And time to time tested as well rewarded and punished accordingly…But acceptance is a challenge for some…Why its filled with doubt or insecurity…No matter you do better or best for some anContinue reading “What if!”


Instilled in the dew on the leaves…Its in morning breeze..Drizzling with rainbow.. Rippling the river as well in paper boat..Its in festive mood..And in the night of silent mode..There it is in innocent child mischief..Oh its in all routes of creativity..Nature full of its bliss..Its in perseverance as well in appreciation.. It with parent’s blessingsContinue reading “Within”

Let it be

Scared to fly as experience has scars..Scars that buried but not omitted..And subconsciously some decisions get impacted..Brave enough to try with strong wings..History might underwhelm but cannot restrict..Somewhere, someone understand and accept as it is..How liberating that is but why skepticism..Not all meant to hurt trust that.Expectation hurt more than regret is it?Empathetic understands fromContinue reading “Let it be”

Paradox yet carefree…

Seems to be shy or seems to be arrogant…Having set the boundaries for peace or just too much attitude…Apparently approachable like a friend…Or go into shell sometimes too arduous to comprehend…Too Difficult to be inferred hence taken for granted…Or just plain naive to be in a movement if she could…An open book or a mysteryContinue reading “Paradox yet carefree…”

Enough of stereotypes…Stop It

A Pattern shift steadily to support women and equalityIs welcome and appreciatedNeed all to take charge of itTo all the women out thereWhen you decide on priorities and breaking all stereotypesBecoming a role model and breaking all recordsOr struggling to balance, but working on itWe all are in it together.. in itThough when I seeContinue reading “Enough of stereotypes…Stop It”


अनमोल इतने दिल से बनया तिनका जोड कर जान डाल दी खुद को तोड़ कर जो बना वह किसे करिश्मे से कम न था देखने वाले ने भी कहा अरे वाह नज़रों में इतना आया की नज़र लग गयी चमक उसकी कुछ लोगो को चुभ गयी छिनने से भिखरने तक कोई कमी न छोड़ी छीननेContinue reading “Anmol”


तुमसे बढ़कर कोई नहीं माँसहेली, हमदर्द, फरिश्ता, सब तुम होमेरी सारी दुनिया तुमसे हैतुम मेरी ज़िन्दगी की सबसे बड़ी नेमत होभगवन कैसे होगें यह जानें कि अगर इच्छा होतुम्हारे पैरों में ही स्वर्ग है और तुम्हारे चेहरे में ही है वोहमेरी माँ जैसा दुनिया में कोई नहींमुझे भगवन या किसी से कोई शिकायत नहींतुम्हारे रूपContinue reading “Mother”