Fly high..

A bigger sky..
My dreams have found it wings..
That needs to fly..
Urge to fly..
Meant to fly..
Very high..
Soaring high..

Till now..
Dancing in own tunes..
Rhyming with heart and soul..
At my comfort zone..
For so long.
But now is the time..
For a bigger stage..
As steps are bigger and better..
The small centre, but my bigger steps..
Space constraint is hurting me and my spirits..
I respect the place where I started and grew..
But now it’s time to move..
For better me, for my better story and my world..

And here I come..
With strong wings, spirits and intention..
Hope and dream in eyes..
Looked upon by Almighty and protected by angels..

The bigger the better is the need of the hour..
Else its suffocating me..
The way it does to the caterpillar..
Before it becomes its best version..

The next steps are crucial..
For each dream to become real..
Each and every hope to turn miracle..
To shine..
To win this world..
Before I choose the next universe.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Oct 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved lies..

With counting years of experience and circumstances..
If giving excuses and telling lies..
Flow naturally like a river flow, wind blow..
Does the experience count, increases or depletes?

A book is less to write on excuses and lies.. and but confidence to say it actually overflows..
With such determination, conviction..
Sadly, so loosely..

And the most unfortunate part..
You think all are buying it as if you are totally doing it right..
Guess who use themselves those excuses will do buy..
The people who think they are dependent on you..will do buy..
Though everyone is replaceable..
In this going in circles rat race that never ends..

But the problem is..

You gave more importance to those who happily buy your lies, sympathise with your lies just because their own motives inside..
And you forgot when you became so habitual that it became part of your life..
You forgot..
At the end and every point of time..
You have to face your own karma..
Your own self
The Truth of each of your tiniest lies.

You grow in the short run, achieved your short term goals with shortcuts..
But you forgot that you are running a marathon called life..
What you earned and how you fooled others made you pride..
But you really don’t know that some easily knows..
And laugh at your act which is easily visible across your mask resides..

You lost in your own lies..
Forgot the real meaning of life..
If you genuinely realise then you can rectify..
If you can’t, oh any worst outcome, then don’t even realise..
As short win give you a sense of achievement..
Motivation and comfort for more lies..
That’s an achievement in God’s and Karma eyes..

World build with lies, lead with lies..
Life becomes itself a lie..
Trapped so badly that when someone confronts, truth hurt like a personal strike..
As if the world is against you..
But no one is against you except you..
You alone suffice..

And worse that it’s difficult for you now to differentiate between truth and lie..

With burden of smaller – bigger selfish, hurtful lies..

You didn’t even try..
The difficult yet the path of truth..
The lighten, truthful, peaceful and real life.

Yes, you will argue that it’s better to say sugar-coated lies than hurtful truth..
But the logic applies in different circumstances..
Where no one gets hurt, no injustice and no mean motives..
You know your reality, why, when, what you said to whom..
You really think above logic suffice your lies..
You and God know better.. And rest your life, you and you only can decide..

Astonishing it is..
The way your eyes sparkle when you lie
Sad, it is..
You came so far to go so low..
Or high as you say so..
The lies used to conceal or to show
Lies make heart heavy and your life’s story questionable..
The more we introspect and discover
The more amazing…so transparent…yet rippling karma and life.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Pondering your greatness and dodging what is true..
Misunderstood yourself and justifying through..
Thinking all better versions of being human written for you..
That’s not harming but whom you are kidding..
The challenge is different and how to comprehend..
That I can’t even show you what I have written for you..
Don’t want to hurt anyone and that includes you..
My thoughts and pen are quite good weapons though..
But some stories and emotions belong to me only.
My life and my experiences..
Enriching, draining as well as creating me..
Start with God and end with God too..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Meant to be…

What should I say about her..
I just can write a whole book..
And that will also not suffice..
He said with loving eyes…
Gazing at her…

And by saying that..
With that promising look..
He said more than enough..
They both made the journey together
Of friendship, trust and love..
To meet a beautiful destination as well as a beginning..

Beautiful it always was..
And now its wholesome..
Made for each other what else it is..
Meant to be finds its meaning..

When he spends only few months in the new place..
Leaving with the most precious gift…
As if destiny played a beautiful role..
That too with correct timing..
With the right person..
As if he joined the place just to meet her..
To be with her..
So that they can be together..
To complete them..

As if All arrangements done by cupid..
That too in a formal setup..
And everyone just played a role..
For the inevitable..
Cheers to the new beginnings together..
Cheers to them who have courage and love..
To not only listen..
But follow the heart..
And their smiles say..
Sparkling eyes justifies
The blissful happier..
Warm and eternal..
Meant to be together…forever…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Her smile and aura is full of life..
She lives like no tomorrow..
Retired from work..
Living with her only son, very hardworking, obedient and loving..
She makes everyone around her cheerful..
With her enthusiasm and smile..

But that dark phase..
Of fighting the battle with her son covid treatment..
Running for help for hospital, oxygen cylinder and ventilators..
Her spirit for his survival, more important than her own life..
As soon she ensures everything available..

A dreadful call..
Call informing of her son is no more..
Heard a sound..
From their house..
Cracking any soul.
A loud, deep howl..
Followed by loud cries..
And she kept repeating his name..
Saying he left me..

We all ran to support..
But she being an empath thinking for all..
Due to covid restrictions..
Didn’t open the gate..

She kept on sobbing for days..
Some days so loud enough..
Including her we all also feel so helpless and couldn’t sleep..
I can never imagine her like this..

She has an indomitable spirit..
Slowly she puts herself back..
moved to a different place and trying to bring back her routine..
But her sobbing..
That howl..
Still give me chills..
Covid you have taken away more than anybody could ever imagine.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright August 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Want to nullify someone or their efforts..
But still want to get the work done..
And can’t avoid to ask publicly..
But don’t want to recognise and return..

Easy trick learnt..
Every time..
“Who” was the one..
Someone that was doing it,
Someone that has learned it,
Who ..who…was that..
Just take it absolute light..repeat..repeat..
And act ignorant.

You know why its evident..
And it’s obvious that why you say or act as if don’t know or care…
Once done is a mistake…twice..its bearable..and thrice..rather repeated multiple times…”deliberate” is…

As work counted only at face value..
One who keeps self boasting but putting effort for the sake of it.. is the performer..
But one who is actually doing it, but not showing off..
Oh! is that person even doing it…whatever..who..who…ever!

Why will actually want to check or know?
Because that requires actual effort.
Oh, that is most difficult…effort..
Till then fake it…fake it dear..
Brand what you faking…
Make it visible..
Fake ..brand ..make it visible.

Effort …impact…hard work..values..purpose
What are these words..which fool use it..oh my God!
Saddest part
Fake…brand…make it visible
This is in demand and going bigger and bigger
Brand the brand… novel

It will reach that fatal end
Where it will be impossible to recover..
Or to Look back and make a high standard
Just definition of pure disaster..
As one word is biggest and relevant ever.
Who… else than…KARMA..that come in full circle.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright August 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Eternal vs ego!

Oh mind what a great learner you are
You have learned the cues, the words and then to communicate

Oh heart sometimes I wonder you always knew what eyes says…
You connect with soul and just put what is needed in place…

All was fine till one day ego sit at the head
You choose silence where needed to be expressed
You created walls so high to climb and forget to transmit

But the heart knows what you actually want
You cannot show, but sense the pain like you feel a physical pain
Even when you get vibes from soul how you just can’t relate!!

Control freak of perfection you don’t even let emotions flow
When they required most and you just ignore!
You have learned and evolved in methods to create impression and impersonate
You let the ego win don’t even realise it was not even the battle in the first place!

But the heart bleeds….soul cry so helplessly though cannot say
Now you are looking meaning in dead places but don’t find the solace!

Nobody wins, but lost the chance of heaven on earth what we called real happiness is!

Communicate when needed…express when require… simple …don’t unnecessarily complicate!!

Otherwise ego has a hidden face with real name is regret in some case…

Regret has a history of not going away easily its rationale is just, as you don’t even try when needed and rest your case!!

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Trying to Understand…

Mother nature you nurture the living society
Because that’s your innate nature
No offense…
Please show me your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

Mother Teresa
You give life to so many orphanages
Stand with them, loved them like your own kids
Don’t be offended
Please show me your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

Yashoda maiyaa(Hindu mythology)
You are an example for others for how to be a best mother
But Krishna was not your biological son
All those single parent who adopt kids
Pardon me
Please show me your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DONT UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

So that’s means being a mother is not at all applicable to single male parent and LGBTQ community
As per society
(Not all but those who easily use the phrase YOU D’ONT UNDERSTAND)
Please show your marriage certificate and your biological kids
Otherwise YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels

I thought being a mother is more about to feel and reciprocate… then just biology..
Feel to nurture, give unconditional love and empathy
A person degrades other person
Mother word is so much more than you think
So,so much more than you even know

What if they understand more than you ever know and think
God blessed you for being a mother to question others instinct?
You got a responsibility, but why with a narrow mind
Trust me, dear
I have seen fathers who played the role of mother equally well
I have seen a lot of angels on earth in the form of godmothers and godfathers
I have seen people nurturing, nature as their own kids
I have seen people who gave their life for the cause or for those they feel for irrespective of blood related or not
I Have witnessed equal love irrespective of biological birth or not

Gladly…beautifully…I have seen enough to believe in real
Just try a little
Its not that difficult
You can see so many examples just nearby if you want to see..
God, nature, universe understands
So can we
Acceptance and empathy
All it takes
Though its a choice
What to say
Oh Jesus, I want to question you next…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright July 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Missing Vibes

I Knew the day will come..
When you are going to leave my dear friend..
That day I don’t wish to part of..
As my heart breaks on goodbye’s..
Just few days before…
We were laughing at something together..
And I just realise…
It would not be so frequent..
That we could share a smile in person..
And I looked mesmerizingly at your laugh…
Could not stop myself to stare by..
Your actual presence made the difference my friend…
That I cherish and going to miss in my life.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright July 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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