It is what it is

Was grown up reading fairy tales that gave wings to imagination
always happy endings and everything was just attainable
So carried away with each story, day dreaming became habitual
Larger than life dreams as in my world, I am not the princess, I was the fairy! Unbelievable!
for whom anything is just on the wave of magic wand away and possible

But the real teachers made larger than life entry
“Time” and” life” the brutally honest and the toughest teachers
Ensure to repeat the lesson till its not properly learnt
And it ain’t getting any better… we either became a better student or a rebel so better learn faster

But what about the wings that form due to imagination
Well with determination, dreams can become a passion with doubt repentance
The truth struck hard though, where there is no magic wand nor fairy tale neither I am a fairy angel
From others eyes as well what I have is less, but not complaining though life is bearable

Divine drops everywhere in different shapes and forms as closely observe
Its in child innocence and smile, its in parent’s blessing
Its in nature and in kindness as well in love
Its in gratitude in perseverance and its in hope
Accept life whole heartedly as though it is not ideal but still worth and beautiful

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

You are beautiful

You know what’s beautiful..
You are able to see the good in others when they themselves were struggling to..
Have randomly compliment someone and feel what they have fallen by realising the magical glow..

Surprise someone..whosoever say they don’t like surprises ..well they actually do!
Encourage!! You don’t even know what life altering effects can it bring in to..
Listen just only listen when needed to..
Accept as people are without being judgemental though..
Selflessly being kind and helped when required to..
Treating everyone with often and not look reason for..
Just to remind that you are beautiful even if you have heard less so..
Most beautiful just for you to know..
I see you everywhere…human or angel or angel in the form of human what to call you….
You don’t even know how you saved someone, made them smile, change their perspective or bring them out of the blue…
Just by being there understanding and spreading wisdom…
They remember you for life and give examples of you…
Listening of you in different and life changing stories…
Make be believe in human kind more and full of gratitude..
Heartfelt thank you for being you..
You are beautiful .. beautiful you are.. if not you than who!

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved


Was dealing with retaining hope..
Trying to accept the reality..
And struggling with understanding myself..
Had unintentionally hurt some feelings as not prepared to deal..
Though those gentle feelings were with good intentions and pure..
Got hurt as clashes with my timings of healing and mistakenly ignored..
Never meant to hurt even in my thoughts forget in reality..
Just was not in the right frame of mind at that point of time and occupied in inner fighting.

Was running away or not ready can’t really decide…
But do realise that was not doing something right…
All this while through was hurting myself too..

To end the suffering and let bygones be bygones..

Let us try to resolve with one of the methods of divine..
I ask for forgiveness from you and also from me..
Let buried the past with cure of forgiveness that I seek..
Not to repeat and just have a clear thought process as future being unforeseen..
Lets set our self free….
The burden if you are unnecessary carrying can repeat my story in your journey…
The chain of regret will not lead anywhere anybody…
Hence lets forget n forgive and further live carefree..
Hope you forgive me and I forgive me.

Written by Swati Sharma
Copyright 2021© Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

Listen to inner voice

Too occupied in dealing with life..
Sorting priorities and cut throat competition to survive..

A voice always keeps coming..

To remind what heart and soul has decided..
What will actually make you happy and satisfied..
Keep ignoring but it knows and understand..
Want the best for you hence have the right intentions..
Keep reminding just all the while..
It has good tuning with nature and silent signs..
Shows us time to time..
Either through creatures or nature or via dreams..
Most important cues, but too royal ignorance..
The scare of insecurities are growling so more..
And did not trust the inner voice when needed to..
Not fight for a dream and remain on comfort and survival mode..
Voice is getting dim as its not getting the dose of life satisfaction it deserves..
The voice is losing concise

Ignorance now change into killers..
Killed so many dreams and buried them alive..
And “Silent”the oh so always correct inner voice..
The ego creates a trap you are on the right path..
But why something missing and hollowness strike..
All is fine but nothing is alive..
Living but don’t know why can’t sleep right
Laugh, but don’t smile with heart
Questioning everything and meaningless find every side
Not courageous enough to pursue what like
Forgot to live and discover the real meaning of life
And yes, you were always right the inner voice

it is still there just not reaching as blocks by oversight

It’s never late to do what you desire…there you find the light…inner voice..satisfaction as well as life.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

Accept or Choose!

Once an astrologer said that your stars are in the wrong positions..
Neither they favour you so, nor life will.
You will struggle a lot and get so little..
Major star “Sun” position is zero in horoscope charts put other stars in dangerous brink..
Struggle chosen for you and will lead as an unsatisfied being..
Got depressed for a while, but soon realise how precious life is..
And start looking from bigger perspective..

Told myself, let see what pain can bring..
Struggle in journey… At least I have a journey with a faithful companion like “struggle” with me..
And taking inspiration from Sun to be just like him
With belief in god and try, but not ever give up philosophy

Will shine with struggle and maybe one day will have an aura like sun
Its shine brings light and life… Not insecure or bothered by anyone or anything
I choose my destiny and try to bring the best of my version..
Though accept the result with a lot of understanding

Evolve with every phase, calm and happy state of living..

Bring it on life with every situation having positive string..
Bring it on..lets give life a meaning
I choose and that’s why I accept hence no blame on any being..

Written Swati Sharma
Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

A random Act…

Don’t know its a boon or bane..
We all know people we haven’t met..
As we are not directly dealing with them, but include by near one in those spaces through conversation..
Because either they make us happy or stressed..

Once our team got a new manager from different location
He joined us and we are busy judging him as usual along with day to day struggles.

And then in few months got a message from stranger out of the blue

Stating you don’t know me, but I know you..
I was in shock is this some kind of threat or danger..
Suddenly the person who messaged me revealed her identity..
I am your boss’s wife and need a favour.

I know you because he talks about you and other team members..
That’s how apprehensive he was joining the team, but you all make him comfortable..
He trusts you and getting properly settled into working with the team..
As he talks about you that why I knew you…and I hope positive things!

And then she reveals the purpose of reaching out can you please advise the exact address of your office
As it’s his birthday next week!
Please don’t tell him I took your number from his phone
And the reason also that she wants to surprise as if I don’t understand!

What a thoughtful gesture of a doting wife who just wants to make her husband happy…
And trusting strangers on the basis of her husband’s words, though quite risky..
Gladly shared the address with assurance to keep it secret
On birthday, he got two surprises
He got a gift from his loving wife and surprise birthday party from the team alongside.

He got really happy brimming all day with a smile.

One of the rare few incidents that make me cherish about being part of
The cycle of trust and making each other happy flows in ripple
The devotion of a wife…the dilemma of starting a new phase in a different place..
Yet to celebrate special movement by making your presence felt without being physically present..
A loving gesture through a trustworthy stranger can be a gamble..
Worth trying shows how important is that person.

Bring life to place where these types of instance are rare and celebrated like occasion..
Thank you for choosing me and making me a part of something I cherish whenever I remember..
May your bond grows stronger ever day and love forever.

We tend to forgot bosses are also human who has regular dilemma’s and similar issues if we look from wider sense.
And boss you got a great wife who can do anything to make you happy and a great team well anyway you are a lucky person!

Written Swati Sharma
Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

I am me

I remind you that part of yourself which you forgot or can’t continue to be..
You choose to be alike to be accepted in society..
You hate me for enjoying my solitude and being me..
I choose my people with little caution..
But like to treat all without prejudice..
And you judge me on the basis of parameters..
Which you don’t even know who decides!
You want me to change for your own sake..
I accept you as you are with wider concise..
I remind you that the attributes which you choose to hide..
That I carry with pride..
You hate me for the that I know..
I am fine with that, but sorry for you..
You struggle with your true identity..
And amaze to accept that are reflecting in me..
How I remain like that or why I did not become like you…
You hate it because you are angry at you..
The hollowness you filled with social norms..
Give you strike when you meet someone who wear their soul in their eyes..
So transparent, total freedom and nothing to hide.
You caged in what you were and what you have become..
Mirror knows keep the mask aside.

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

To the stranger Angel- THANK YOU!!

Can’t forget that day and circumstances full of chaos..
Was late for an important exam and suffering from fever with oh so bad throat..
Was preparing for the exam with difficulties and the day was not on my side..
The traffic and weather doesn’t help, did not know what future reside..
Somehow reached the centre, just to realise forgot to bring a pen alongside..
And now the chase begins to ask for it.. leave the seat and run for familiar faces..
The examiner told to come faster as it won’t allow late candidates..
Somehow arranged a broken pen and come back to my seat…
Was worried will able to write the exam completely..
Just to find in desk underneath…
“A pen” oh my god! Such a sign of relief..

What a thoughtful gesture without asking a favour…

With no clue who has done this…was trying to figure out…thanked god and start the exam
Finally the exam gets over , successfully completed and all begin to leave

And I started looking for you in many faces
Wish I screamed my lungs out for you to reach…
You were nearby with a golden heart and close observation…
Secret Santa doesn’t wait for Christmas or occasion…
I am truly grateful and humble by your gesture
Wanted to say a heartfelt thank you…

Made me believe in human angel and you made the world better place to live..

This instance, give me positive vibe, filled with gratitude and make me smile every time I recall..
I will humbly remember this whole of my life…
The world is a better place because it has people like you..

Though want to but was not able to say in person and it’s always less but.. thank you…
You are a stranger but I know you are an angel…
This memory and your pen is a prized possession in my life…

Be the way you are…you are more precious than you think…god bless you.

Thank you, dear stranger Angel…THANK YOU!!

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved

Realised or confused

Planned well the list is completed
All tick boxed are properly checked
What is mandatory and priority all sorted
Now waiting for the perfect fit in
That’s how mind has decided for the heart
But heart…oh you really think that’s how it works
It will eventually fall for someone unexpected at an unexpected time and place
You are talking about love my dear and you are trying to cage it

The best emotion in words just can’t be defined
It has its own way and one of a kind
When it happens only then you realise
Why and how it happened its not that easy to define
And oh that list you created with so much of time and thought
Well, if its match it’s just a lucky coincidence or a favour from cupid
And if not, well you can do nothing and laugh about it
Till then keep planning and updating the list
Just to make you realise you don’t choose you just fall in love with
And if you choose then it’s love…well the answer is with you even if you deny it

Though everyday choose love, but whom you choose to love
At least don’t be materialistic let the master- ‘ your heart’ decides it
It beats for ‘the one’, you feel the sparkle and all the cheesy things you usually laugh at
Yes, that happens when you actually feel it
You smile often become more empathic that’s its power and magic

The most beautiful and precious thing in the world
Has no formula or list
It’s very pure and will remain
The name you are giving are you sure that is love or again you making a story or list just to convince others or yourself
Anyway, everyone has their own journey and own destiny as well as destination
no one to judge or question it
But you want love unconditionally and putting conditions to it!

All who love truly and unconditionally god, please always unite them and let them remain united

With lots of difficulty you get that kind of love and yes, it gets badly tested
Well then you list and the priority came in and what you choose
Will be known as your story, what name you want give to your chapter only you can decide it
You know when you know…simple, that’s it

The pain of unrequited love, oh yes, you overcome that, but does life remain the same.. well only you know it

Language of soul, shine through the eyes and flows through heart and everything changes for the better when you truly, unconditionally embrace and realise it.

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Talking Eyes

Saw a beautiful couple talking with eyes and sign language

In a train full of blabbering and noise

They way they express to each other was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen

Feel its only two of them in whole train and rest world just don’t exist

You know why because that’s the way they are communicating without bothered about the world around
Like bird’s chirp or river meet the sea just purely magic

Their normal talk brings sparkle in their eyes and I felt the happiness they were sharing
Total acceptance and just love… its paradise..

My heart felt warm even I left the train.. how pure it is and just make me realise the importance of expression and feelings
Made my vision more clear and looking at every being and situation with a more accepting and wiser eyes

What a profound that simple yet impactful experience it was on my concise

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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