While the judging comes naturally, understanding what makes us wiser..
How easily we believe in negativity and question the positive attribute..
The ego sitting in name of insecurities by way of demeaning other makes some people happier!
Criticising become such a habit forget it’s being constructive, its take shape of bitching to fill the hollowness created in them
The other innocent but struggling chap even try to find something useful in that criticism, that is just meant to either kill the self esteem or filling the void that is actually nothing to do with you
No matter how many times you try, push yourself all they want is to pinpoint where you struggled waiting to see you sinking not at all a healthy competition though
After facing all this still you shine as you keep trying without giving up, that was not appreciated, sadly slowly its effecting you but don’t let it… keep growing through
Your undying spirit and self motivation are the key driver with hope and believe to work in the present and future days will become better is pushing you
You sailed though the storms that was made to break you…you sailed through….
Then someone said something felt so magical and it was true, but felt unbelievable
Something like you done well, I know you can do this, you have so much potential and heartfelt appreciation that was genuine and made you glow

You sailed though the storms, it gave you hope and confidence
Appreciation and belief helping you to shine and made those heavy steps a little lighter as you start to see the light which is helping you..
Here made the thin line difference that who is criticizing, advising and helping like mentor a well wisher or just a random being not human yet struggling with their insecurities and using you…
Appreciation mostly works when its genuine and felt within along with proper expression, though some use it as flattering mechanism, hence remain careful
Yes not easy, but don’t bog down by criticism use it as constructively be selective on who’s view actually matters and what needed to be worked through
Try to surround yourself with positive, non judgmental, understanding people, though sometime you struggle to find them and then all the roles need to be played by you
But at any cost stay away with toxicity and negativity, understand the vibe you are getting and maintain distance or just walk away don’t put you peace of mind at stake for people who don’t even understand themselves how they will anyway understand you…
Right and timely appreciation can do wonders its boast the confidence and push you to achieve more
Constructive criticism also play a very important role hence carefully choose the mentor
Don’t let appreciation impact you in such a way that you further cannot take the criticism anymore
Keep working on yourself, loving your self, accepting yourself and forgive when require and choose to evolve..
Everyone can be a criticizer, but understand the world need encouragers too
Believe in yourself listen to your heart choose “the passion “or “with passion” celebrate even small achievements and believe you can achieve anything your eyes has set upon to…. believe so…

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Hope and Pray

Horror stories everywhere
Scared eyes, struggling, hope and despair
Oh dear god a humble prayer
Please forgive and give us another chance
Though you have given many chances all the time
But guess we have taken for granted beyond repair

People who are suffering with deadly diseases are stressed about the family
Family is so concerned about the survival of the member
Health care staffs working day and night for patient’s survivor
Having proper health care facilities on time is becoming a challenge for real
Too much carelessness leads to too much trouble everywhere

Patients are suffocating, doctors are pleading to follow instructions
Their overwhelming situation breaks me to the core
They are trying to give hope where they themselves are not sure
Telling sad news and further to inform you can’t see last time even
Medical staff is over pressurised but medical facilities are jeopardised

Don’t want to imagine what must be going through the patients and their near ones
Prayers, hope, disappointment, howl, deadly silence..the scene in hospitals are worst nightmare
With every beep go up, down the heartbeat sink and make all anxious
With every good news there is hope with every bad news ache in the heart

Struggle for survival near the death havoc
Unimaginable pain ..hope and pray for life blooms and all the pain to disappear

What a simple request of social distancing and wearing mask
Taking it lightly has made the wave deadly than ever
Every serious precautions like lockdown come with havoc price
The poorer the more sufferer still why don’t we properly care and adhere

The only wish is to everything become normal again
What blessing is being normal’s the true independence
Till then we have to learn from our mistakes and fight together
Stay hopeful, follow all precautions, maintain the social distancing
Get the vaccine still wears the mask, make it easy for all not difficult unnecessarily
It is mandatory and need of the hour
Please understand requesting in folded hands…please decipher

Dear God, please help and save us…my only wish and prayer

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright © 2021 Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Accept and Understand

You feel two love birds totally lost in themselves forgetting the world around is judging them unnecessarily
The first thought will come what’s wrong with these two
But the second thought made you realise is it that love suppose to be… content…lost in the eyes
You feel the correct vibe when you let go the judgmental side..

You see a special child with special needs that his/her parents trying to meet
First reaction why creator is cruel sometimes
Then you took a pause and look at innocent smile of that child who is no way at fault
Our acceptance can easily make ways for them normal is that too much to ask for or as human justified

Hey, what you do on weekend…. some people have the answer that doesn’t fit the social norms
They like to spend time with themselves, read, write, observe, introspect
First thought you got oh what a freak he/ she don’t have a life
Then you have to look beyond and see that there are some activities that bring life to them…it’s their life…their choice…totally reasonable and unquestionable
We just need to accept people and their respected choice that is not harming them or anybody

Being different is how the god’s created nature and expect us to inspire by it, then why forcefully fit in when easily can be unique
And it’s quite simple we just have to realise and accept that’s it

So what you do for living, you still not married, what about kids
First reaction what a burden to family and unfortunate…Can somebody let him/her understand
Think properly who needs to understand
What they choose in their personal and professional life at what time, why exactly that impacting you is the right question
See they are content and happy that actually and only thing matters in life and it’s their life and they have right to choose the parameters and time

Have an impression that we have the maturity to understand because the response just show what is reflecting inside me and you
Making each other happy and joyful whenever we meet any one….leaving with a feeling that we should meet often or why on earth I even know or related to you…is the choice we have to make
Express not just communicate, respond don’t react, Be an encourager, accept if cannot appreciate..
Choose to spread joy… everybody is fighting there battles already unknown to you..

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


When you gave the message to yourself that you are happy..
You automatically start finding evidences for it, hence subconsciously accepting it

When you gave the message to yourself that you are sad, angry or frustrated
Then you wanders to find reasons for it and justifying it

The interaction with others is important, but what you say to yourself makes life more significant
How you want to be depends on what your perspective and reflects in it

Count your blessing, have acceptance, gratitude and remain optimistic
Most of the question you ask is a statement backed by beliefs
Hence, choose the question carefully
Remain flexible, have a reality check focus on living in moment

What you are asking and saying becomes your point of view
When you suggest and advice yourself be kind and open to forgive yourself
Life is full of possibilities, remain preferential and understand to live in present
Meaningful Growth to reach the utmost potential and not giving up
Most of the time control lies within you and how you perceive it
Not only result, but journey also matters
The answers lie within you only the way you want it

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Why its always difficult to say goodbye!

Life is teaching and evolving me on every step
But one thing is always difficult to come by
How to say a good bye?
Either I am leaving or a close being
It’s just not my thing
It is difficult to comprehend
That some whom you have known for years and just can’t relate
And someone just met by feel like knowing forever
They just leave and its ache your heart like never before
Initially I used to leave those movements to be part of

Not because I don’t care, but because I just care and get bothered too much

But somehow when I was pushed to be part of farewell’s

Then I realise these are few movements in life that we remember
Though thinking of facing those movements make me anxious and give me nightmares
Being part of those movement makes me emotional on verge of breakdown

It’s also makes me humble and shake me to the core

Feel so many emotions at one time

Grateful, sad, hopeful, humble and some I don’t even understand

Looking back at those precious movements just leaves a twinkle in my eye and smile of gratitude
Situation and circumstances make us leave…and comfort zone need to be pushed
Have faced the similar situation, but still can’t buy
I don’t know… no matter how many times you did it in school, college, office, cities, and where not
Why it is always so difficult to say a goodbye
It makes me introspect and leaves a void
Life moves on but not all the same as ahead
Something changes and some not
“What if” always play in the mind
And did heart ever says goodbye…
No matter moving ahead is for all good
But we are all human beings wired like that
Emotions always remain just ensure not bog you down
One fine day when you look back
Its chapters, make life worth and make us worthwhile…..
Still don’t know why it’s always difficult to say goodbye…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Where’s the end!!

Oh dear! Comfort you are so cozy and warm
Just like a blanket in a cold night and like home
You make me feel lighter without any fear
You just become a habit, oh so dear
One part of me always push you away from me
Yes, I am one of those who mostly listen to the part that says-“ this is not what you want” or “this is fine, but what next”
All other parts of me tell me you are just what I need
If I am not here, then actually where to go
Oh! But hey, you seldom tell me how you just make me lazy
I just feel like to take it all easy
And then realise something is just not right
The one thing that stops me from growing no matter how easy there to survive
That’s where I start doubting you and questioning myself
Break the zone and come out of my shell
Oh the pain is real and heart-breaking
But change is needed, though the path requires evolving
Saying bye to you even thinking about that is a nightmare
Oh! To actually say bye… have done it lots of times but still don’t know why so difficult whenever…wherever…
Make me analyse is it even worth going there!
But with a heavy heart and courageous steps, here I come
Where oh! We have always met, but you are always new dear “deadly struggle” and give me that stare
You made me anxious again, that’s your welcome dose
You want me to do those things that even thinking of give me a stroke
But alas, you repeat the circumstances till I ace to deal with
And that old struggle eventually converts itself to the comfort!
Oh, you sweet little honey trap and I am always on a dual path
When comfort is pulling me to stay and the new struggle pushes me to go to uncertain roads
End not always success not always fail though effort always what I can
What a vicious circle of struggling losing fighting breaking..sometimes winning
Just where to reach what’s the end?
Human potential is limitless beyond to comprehend
To reach its utmost capacity will that be a correct end!
Guess for some questions, answers are also limitless have no end!
Bring it on to life where there are good chances of new struggles bring the best out of me till my last breath

And pray for all struggles to have a worthy end as god think of as I am too small to comprehend
Always give me the strength of never giving up…give me the strength
One day, One fine day the whole journey will make sense
One fine day the whole journey will make sense
When the tears of joy and smiles of gratitude meets
Will understand…yes will understand….

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Choose your forever…

If I choose a forever, I choose to be forever grateful
I have been blessed and saved as if I am god’s own child
A lot of times unknowingly beyond my imagination and sometime even difficult to comprehend
The struggle makes me a better version ever
Though Initially not understood, but end results always magical

If I choose a forever, I choose a forever hope
The only and only reason to never give up
Its because of immense hope the world’s keep going
Hope is the ultimate guide
Sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the way
The only way to travel is to travel with hope

If I choose a forever, I choose to forever believe
Believe in myself…believe in god… believe in kindness
Believe in everything going to be fine
Believe even in some strange circumstances, how difficult it can be
Believe can make you achieve….believe can make you survive
Believe the world is a beautiful place and its goodness
Believe in dreams and believe in karma leads the life
Forever grateful…forever hopeful…forever believe…

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

A story to tell!

From broken pieces of self esteem
To building it completely I have a story to tell
From deep fear and insecurities
To discover my self
I have a story to tell

From hating myself to start accepting myself
From what people say and think
To build confidence and reaching the level of freedom
I have a story to tell

To love deeply …to be deeply alone
To accept the loneliness and enjoying the solitude
Still believing in goodness and beauty of love
I have a story to tell

Surrounded with shallowness being part of unfair, cruel and ruthless world
A lot of the time persuaded to be like everyone and follow the rat race
Still believe in kindness, humanity, karma, justice and leading a truthful life
I have a story to tell

Looking world from different eyes, question, but don’t prejudice
Observing but not judging…accepting but not stereotyping..
From fighting for the right even if fighting alone
I have a story to tell

From failing a lot, but not giving up
From learning everyday still understand I know so little
From getting up on days where I feel like giving up
Fighting my own demons still ready to help the needy first
I have a story to tell

From being in places or being in the imaginary world
From being in the crowd and feeling alone and surrounded by loved one feeling home
From on verge of breakdown, but smiling like hell
I have a story to tell

From listening to understanding and going layers beneath
Feel like knowing the person and in a second break the myth
From knowing person for years and find the aspect unexpectedly new
I have a story to tell

From just listen to heart and follow the intuition
Embracing the journey even how difficult it become

Always trying and putting a genuine effort
In the lost road find hope
In the testing times, full of obstacles road, have seen miracles!
From questioning why it happened to me, but later being grateful thanked god it happened to me
Realizing god you are always there with me
I have a story to tell

If you have a heart that listen and eyes than judge less and understand more

Going beyond small talk and sharing life experiences

Learning from the journey and ready for new one
l have stories to tell…

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Lost or faith!

My strength is my faith that gives me hope to choose the path of truth and integrity
I have questioned a lot, but had never given up this path no matter what situation be
Knowing you my god and myself no matter how many hurdles faced, I walked with dignity
I do understand the other paths give short term success and relatively easy
A lot have advised and persuade me to follow the herd or fall out easily!
I never cared for result, knowing I will get the best beyond anyone’s imagination be
I never able to see any other path never bothered by what others think of me
My strength is my believe in truth, my values and faith in the almighty
Though sometime feel lost but
Cannot afford to lose the faith in good deeds, god, justice and humanity!
If so that way I will only breathe and not live, that’s what human life is not suppose to be
Peace of mind is not in ignorance and choosing the easy way of lying, cheating, being unfair, being unjustifiable and gain fake sympathy
It is being kind, fair, respectful, truthful, justice, do the hard work, earn the worth, be wise, and living with values and have dignity
Though choose the battle wisely

Karma will eventually serve equally and fairly

Live fully live truthfully…

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


A twinkle in the eyes when someone talk about their passion
flowing happy tears due to achievement after failures and perseverance
A child’s smile, innocence and carefree attitude
Receiving blessing from the heart after feeling the gratitude
Loving and accepting yourself as you are
Have Found someone who understand oh so rare
Being loved fully, madly, truly and unconditionally
Working on dreams and hope to achieve and survive
Got a chance to do what you love that’s finding earth’s paradise
Self control showing the wisdom that you acquire
Balance of self discipline and knowing when to let go
Fight a cause and provide solution that affected masses
Choose a difficult path and create way to lead others
Excel in talent that is gifted or acquired and creating history
Influenced a lot , touch the chord and become a role model to follow
What you do with all you have known by your name become legacy
How you do is a lesson for others a powerful institution you being
Knowing your passion excelling in it and sharing it with betterment in society
Know how to remain happy and content with life within
Having parents, home cooked food and blessed with family
Have a vivid imagination with clarity to make it a reality
Know it more important to have and work on dream day and night no matter when you realise it
Always listened to heart follow it even if you fail or struggled bringing real satisfaction in the soul
Positive aura flows with you so much that others are also impacted
Lived in your full capacity in all the role life provided to you
Said and listened when you actually need to
Understood the importance of time and knowing its being most powerful
Eyes with hope and passion not with complaints and regrets
Never let the hope and dream die
Love life, be thankful, live it fully and embrace death with complete satisfaction and peace in the eyes, heart and soul
God knows you lived it right and made a path clear for others to follow
Simple…effective….precious…god within…it all lies within
You always have a sigh of relief

For what a beautiful life and the way you live!

Live live, live just live

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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