When the nature shows its beautiful colours
Its rains, shines, snow and rainbow
Flower blooms, bird chirps, sun rise and sets, ocean and river flow
By nature I glow

Kid’s innocent smile gives a breeze to soul
Couple speak with eyes make the magic aura grow
Kindness and empathy make the world the beautiful place to live
Love and acceptance make the survival true
With true emotions I glow

See the passion in eyes the never give up attitude
Do what we love and love what we do
Try, fail again try learn win and enjoy the process flow
Being honest listening to heart and satisfaction to the soul
That’s the way I glow

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Don’t wake me

Wake me up in beautiful reality
That I forgot what sleeping is
Make everyday like a dream come true
That I don’t escape reality by daydreaming
Waking up does not become a challenge but an awaiting choice
Not only weekends, but every movement filled with energy and peace
Though imagination and dreams gives satisfaction
But feeling it for real everyday is the longing
Guess not following my heart and now it’s sinking
Just pushing it with hope is not helping
It has done with its share of tough and beautiful struggles
Not bogged down with criticism and failures
A lot of time taken for granted or just plain ignored
Still fighting with smile, dreams and hope
Self love learnt late, but it played a crucial role
Just a little ray of hope all the time its waiting for
Nothing is free, but the bargain just got real
What is the cost of getting what you want and deserve?
The question is clear, but answer surreal
Karma will do the job don’t think about the results
Yes, truly believe that, but sometimes need someone like Krishna
The flag bearer of karma to just make me realise my path is right
Till then don’t wake me up and let me at least imagine the world in my dreams
That is beautiful, kind, humble, fair, filled with love and acceptance being real

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

World is ideal

Remember when we were kids and look world with amazement and curiosity

Everything feels so positive and just so majestic

Trust anyone with good heart and a smile

Believe in angels and want to be angel like

Everything seems possible every dream was achievable

The world is beautiful, liveable and ideal

I still want to believe that and live by that idea of life

I just want to see the good side of people, living things and god by my side

See the kindness, empathy, positivity and humbleness

Still want to believe anything is achievable with hard work and perseverance

Don’t break the myth, not today, not any day Satan

I want to remain hopeful for life with dreams in my eyes

May be, sometimes I see what I don’t want to believe

Then I go to the my peaceful space of imagination and dreams

And start believing in more trustworthy; loveable, magical world to be

May be I am living an illusion, but not harming anybody

I don’t want anyone to break my dream and tell me to see reality

No, I am not unrealistic, but don’t want to give up on humanity

I am a believer, a dreamer,achiever and protected by angels

I just want peace, fulfillment and see every other human as human

Just want to believe the life goes on because me and you are living it right

What an ideal beautiful place this world is no matter from which corner of earth you are

I still want to believe the world is a great place to live where everyone understand, listen, adapt and let live..

What not best can become best ..who is not understanding can learn and adapt..what not working can be changed and what working can become better..

Don’t break my myth any day what a beautiful day it is ..its today…its every day.

The World is beautiful and ideal, be it any day.

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Long live creators

Observing a real talent is mesmerising
Be it a natural having god blessing
Be it scratched to perfection by polishing
The real creativity is so much alive
Even if the creator die but not his/her art what he/she has given life
How many times seen discussed and liked
It’s just as fresh and bring a twinkle to the eyes
Look your heart and soul smile when you create it
Just even looking at it we feel therapeutic
Oh artists, creatives, writers, dancers, musicians, singers, filmmakers, poets and whosoever creating and building new
What great souls you are
Your vibes give positivity to me and make the world a beautiful scene to view
There is a whole world within you
You are god’s special child and what you have is magic..
The way God creates nature and felt overwhelmed by it
The same way you create art and the world get spellbound by it
This world is a place to live enough because you are in it
We forgot all our stress, depression, problem by just looking and feeling it
What you guys have is special and what you gave is just too aesthetic
When you perform you feel the aura and aroma your heart and soul smile by it
When we see, it gives us immense pleasure and genuine smile that we feel connected
You got the power to inspire, move and change people
You got the power to enlighten the within talent that they forgot in order to follow so called society norms
How many times you pulled us out of stress times
How many times you just double the happiness
How many times you bring closer to us and almighty
You have it..realise it..empower it and present it to the whole world
You created it, polished it put your hard work and rest becomes history
I respect and adore the way I adore every god creation
Because by seeing you I see how God does it… because by seeing you I see God in it..
Create,make history, become legend and repeat it
Yes, that is how you do it
Yes, that is how we remember it
Sometime you put so much soul in it that we start worshiping it
Wow, I don’t have words for what I feel about it
That’s why I believe in magic as I have lots of times got my jaw dropped and stunned by it
Thanks for listening to your heart and have the courage of following it even you have to go with a lot of hardships
I salute and love what you have and what you made out of it
Not everybody can do that why you are above and different and we are proud about it
Long live originality, creativity and the wonderful creators who create it
Long live!!

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Silence knows

Silence knows

In silence you grow

Silence kills and sometimes saves too

Those who understand your silence

Understands you

Silence teaches

It even tries you

Use it wise

It can open deepest secrets of the inner self

It can bring a lot of regrets

It kills

And yet give you introspect to survive

Words and silence are opposite in nature

Sometimes silence become words and make you realise the prejudice

Silence use at the wrong time can break till destroyed

Silence use at correct time saves even from hell

Silence and time have correlation

The best and winning combination

The worst and realisation only after losing time

All says choose words wisely

Choose silence even wiser

It harms and it heals

It can create magic and in no time become tragic

Think about it in silence

Its powerful, though it seems powerless to quite a lot

Silence has lots to say

Those who knows its importance know its bliss as well as pain

A quite impactful tool has no weapon or squad

Silence has its own voice

its hollow as well as whole

How to use it is a choice

How better you apply show the level of your wise

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Broken yet beautiful

That was a precious creation, so close to my heart and soul
I have made it with all my efforts and my intentions was so pure
See what a creation I got so much applaud
That it turned black eye to some touching the wrong chord
They want to steal it or want the credit of it at any cost
Their evil eye makes my heart bleed and hurt me to the core
Unnecessary they just ruin what was made to perfection and more
And even in ruins, it shines like a diamond and itself told whom it belongs
It was still so close to my heart and will remain forever
It has my sweat, hard work and part of my soul
Even if I did not get the fruit for it, I will root for it and set as a best ever exemplar
For who had bad intention karma is looking and ready to roar.

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.



इतने दिल से बनया तिनका जोड कर

जान डाल दी खुद को तोड़ कर

जो बना वह किसे करिश्मे से कम न था

देखने वाले ने भी कहा अरे वाह

नज़रों में इतना आया की नज़र लग गयी

चमक उसकी कुछ लोगो को चुभ गयी

छिनने से भिखरने तक कोई कमी न छोड़ी

छीनने के बाद आपस में ही लड़ने लगे

कहने लगे मेरा है मेरा है 
और खीच तान में टूट गया

बिखर के भी हर तिनके में 
जो चमक आई मेरी थी

वह कल भी मेरा था और अनमोल था

वह आज भी मेरा है 
टूट कर भी बेजोड़ है

उसमे जो खून पसीना बहा 
वो असली है

तभी तो उसका हर अक्स सुनेहरा है

चुभता तुम्हारी आँखों में की 
यह इसके पास क्यों है

छीना तुमने तो संभाल नहीं पाये 
क्यूंकि उसकी जान जो 
कही और बस्ती थी

बिखेर के टुकड़े कमाने चाहे 
तो तुम्हे लहूलुहान कर गया

उसमे मेरे दिल और आत्मा का 
एक हिस्सा बसता है 
वह टूट के भी मुझे अमर कर गया

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


तुमसे बढ़कर कोई नहीं माँ
सहेली, हमदर्द, फरिश्ता, सब तुम हो
मेरी सारी दुनिया तुमसे है
तुम मेरी ज़िन्दगी की सबसे बड़ी नेमत हो
भगवन कैसे होगें यह जानें कि अगर इच्छा हो
तुम्हारे पैरों में ही स्वर्ग है और तुम्हारे चेहरे में ही है वोह
मेरी माँ जैसा दुनिया में कोई नहीं
मुझे भगवन या किसी से कोई शिकायत नहीं
तुम्हारे रूप में वह ही साथ है मेरे तो
तुम्हारे बारे में लिखने के लिए शब्द कम पड़ जातें है
कितना कुछ किया है तुमने बिन बताये ही तो
तुम्हे सब कुछ बताये बिना मेरा दिन पूरा नहीं होता
और तुम अपने दर्द भी हस कर छुपा लेती हो
तुम मेरी हर परेशानी का हल हो और हर पल मेरे साथ हो
तुम्हारे बैगेर मैं कुछ नहीं
मेरी माँ तुमसे बढ़ कर न कोई था न कोई है न कोई होगा कभी
तुम ही मेरा सब कुछ हो

Tum se badh kar koi nahi maa
Saheli, hamdard, farishta, sab tum ho
Meri saari duniya tumse hai
Tum meri zindagi ki sbse badi naymaat ho
Bhagwan kaisi hoga yeh jaane ki iccha ho
tumhare pariroo mein hi swarg ha aur tumhare chehre mein hi hai woh
Meri maa jaisa duniya mein koi nahi
Mujhe bhagwan ya kisi se koi shikayat nahi
Tumhare roop mein woh hi saath haI mere toh
Tumhare baare mein likhne ke liye shabd kaam pad jaatien hai
Kitna kuch kiya hai tumne bin bataye hi toh
Tumhe sab kuch bataye bina mera din pura nahi hota
Aur tum apne dard bhi haas kar chupa leti ho
Tum meri har pareshani ka hal ho aur har pal mere saath ho
Tumhare begar mein kuch nahi
Meri maa tumse baadh kar na koi tha na koi hai na koi hoga kabhi
Tum hi mera sab kuch ho

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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