When I see blessing I see you
When there is any challenge my guidance is always you
Someone whom I can share anything, yes, that is you
You are my first teacher, my tutor, my well-wisher and my only best friend yes its you
When I see angel I see you
Our house is a home only because of you
The force that keeps us together, yes, that is you
You are reason home is alive and fights any issue
I feel heaven on earth only because of you

 When I see a ray of hope I see you
When I am in darkness I always look for you
When there is any happiness I only want to share with you
When there is any testing time your heart skip a beat without even I tell you

When I see god I see you
You show me how god love, what is sacrifice 

How patience can anyone be and yet smile through
You heal me, understand my silence, without even telling, you know what my heart wants and guide me through

You understand the language of vibe and follow intuition without giving a second view
You protect us with all you have, no matter how much you have suffered though
You ensure we are safe, happy and content, even at any cost that needs to bear by you

When I see my world, I see you
My life is blessed because it has you
I am always grateful to god because of you
Nobody can take your place as my everything is you
May god protect you always and make your every wish true
Yes, you are right, it can only be a mother

And any words are little of what I feel for you
 I express it very less but more than anything in the world I love you
What a beautiful world it can become if everyone become like you
I have never seen god but I have seen you
And if she/he is like you then god I love you too.

written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Poetic view

POETIC VIEW #writers

Poetic view is the most beautiful as well as heart wrenching outlook
The days dreams are too long and human interaction too few
They first believe that the world is the fair and the ideal place to be
Their myth breaks badly and then just start writing out of the blue
They make you feel how beautiful it was when they living the dream
They make you realise how cruel reality can be unbelievable but true
Then they give you hope, inspiration and better reason to live
No matter inside their heart running so many emotions bleeding in that book
Any thought that disturbs or touch become a piece of writing
All unrequited feelings unsaid words become poetry, stories and world view
They have a deepness of thought due to the insight and a lot felt within
The meaningful writing because lot to say but words too few
They fly from places to time zones to living one moment again and again
After writing with whole heart they still feel the emotion is still new
The vision is high, so the inner sight and so the compassion and also the regret
So much has been written, but a lot unsaid.. unsaid… unsaid..
Thought was sometimes buried inside for so long that just burst into
Sometime an instant effect has so much that if not write will keep playing within your head … killing or impacting you..
Cheers to the poets to their visions and there view
Writers make you realise that feeling or arise that emotion instantly that was already within you
Fly high…swim deep…feel and recite unfold the already existing world but sounds always new
Kudos to writers

Writing matters# unspoken words eat you alive and make you write#poet#writers

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Introspect #covid19 ##coronavirus
Normal is blessing
Family is everything
Being real has meaning
Nature is tolerant, but not at every cost you think
Its basic attitude is giving
Introspect is what is expected
If nature can do this so imagine what karma can bring
Karma basic nature is settling
Think before you lie, cheat, judge, hurt and just being mean
Kindness and being human cost nothing
If now not understood then when time will be counted
Let’s make together this world better and safe for living
Not only for you and me, but for everyone
Till then pray, stay safe and hope for god’s blessing.

Written by Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Delhi burns

#DelhiBurns #DelhiRiots2020
आज आसमान धुएं से मिल कुछ यूँ काला हुआ
जैसे सांस तो चल रही पर दम घुटा जा रहा था
जल उठा शहर मेरा हर जगह शोर और डर हो गया
सपनो और जूनूनवाली गलियो में बस अब खून था
आखें जो हर किसी का साथ देने को तैयार रहती
अब हर किसी पर सवाल कर रही थी जवाब न था
यह कैसी लड़ाई है जो बेगुनाहो को सज़ा देती है
यह कैसा मंज़र है जो अपने ही घर में कैदी बना रहा था
इन्सानियत को पथरो से घायल होते हुए मरते पाया था
कही भी तो नहीं पहुँच रहा था यह कैसा रास्ता था
कब रुकेगा पता नहीं, कहाँ मुडेगा पता नहीं
जिसने जो खो दिया उसकी कीमत आंक पायेगा.. कभी नहीं

जिसने जो पा लिया इस रास्ते से वोह किसी काबिल न था
खून चला खून करने हर जगह बस खून था
उस खून से जो कहानी बनी वोह क्रूरता के अलावा कुछ और न था!

Aaj aasman dhuan se mil kuch yu kala hua
Jaise saans toh chal rahi par dum ghutta jaa raha tha
Jal utha sheher mera har jagah shor aur dar ho gaya
Sapno aur junoon wali gaaliyon mein bas ab khoon tha
Aakhien joh har kisi ka saath dene ko tayaar rehti
Ab har kisi par sawaal kar rahi thi jawaab na tha
Yeh kaisi Ladayi hai joh begunho ko sazza deti hai
Yeh kya manzaar hai joh apne hi ghar mein kaidi bana raha tha
Insaaniyat ko patharoo se ghayal hote hue marta paya tha
Kahi bhi toh nahi pahucha raha tha yeh kaisa raasta tha.
Kab rukega pata nahi kaha mudega pata nahi
Jisne jo khodiya uski kimmat aank payega kabhi nahi
Jisne jo paaliye is raaste se who kisi kabil na tha
Khoon chala khoon karne har jagah Bas khoon tha
Us khoon se joh kahani bani who kroorta ke alawa kuch aur na tha.

By Swati Sharma

Copyright 2020 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

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