In love with life

A life like a song on loop that connects deeply without getting bored…Enjoying even small activities while working on dreams..Childlike curiosity and emotions that understands everyone and each vibe…Laugh from the heart and eyes, love from the soul..Dance freely, Keep singing your own song…Love what you it with love..Collecting movements…lost in the right direction..AlwaysContinue reading “In love with life”


Firm believer in hope..Though some battles needs to be fought alone..Continuous struggles tested by time and life..All goes through struggles so not to criticise..Part of life..Always hopeful for sunshine..So waiting to pass by..Living with perseverance..Fighting the demons of outside as well as inside..Always a positive narrative keeps running by..In my thoughts just to let meContinue reading “Darkness.”


A twinkle in the eyes when someone talk about their passionflowing happy tears due to achievement after failures and perseveranceA child’s smile, innocence and carefree attitudeReceiving blessing from the heart after feeling the gratitudeLoving and accepting yourself as you areHave Found someone who understand oh so rareBeing loved fully, madly, truly and unconditionallyWorking on dreamsContinue reading “Precious”