Time ! Precious Time..

What is draining or taxing for you….for me…well…A day is spent without a loved one’s or the day isn’t smiling..Talking to someone who doesn’t understand me..Spending time with people who are expert in finding faults, but just can’t empathise..At the cost of those who even understand my silence..Trying to prove a point to someone whoContinue reading “Time ! Precious Time..”

You are beautiful

You know what’s beautiful..You are able to see the good in others when they themselves were struggling to..Have randomly compliment someone and feel what they have fallen by realising the magical glow.. Surprise someone..whosoever say they don’t like surprises ..well they actually do!Encourage!! You don’t even know what life altering effects can it bring inContinue reading “You are beautiful”

Why its always difficult to say goodbye!

Life is teaching and evolving me on every stepBut one thing is always difficult to come byHow to say a good bye?Either I am leaving or a close beingIt’s just not my thingIt is difficult to comprehendThat some whom you have known for years and just can’t relateAnd someone just met by feel like knowingContinue reading “Why its always difficult to say goodbye!”

Where’s the end!!

Oh dear! Comfort you are so cozy and warmJust like a blanket in a cold night and like homeYou make me feel lighter without any fearYou just become a habit, oh so dearOne part of me always push you away from meYes, I am one of those who mostly listen to the part that says-“Continue reading “Where’s the end!!”

Choose your forever…

If I choose a forever, I choose to be forever gratefulI have been blessed and saved as if I am god’s own childA lot of times unknowingly beyond my imagination and sometime even difficult to comprehendThe struggle makes me a better version everThough Initially not understood, but end results always magical If I choose aContinue reading “Choose your forever…”

Long live creators

Observing a real talent is mesmerisingBe it a natural having god blessingBe it scratched to perfection by polishingThe real creativity is so much aliveEven if the creator die but not his/her art what he/she has given lifeHow many times seen discussed and likedIt’s just as fresh and bring a twinkle to the eyesLook your heartContinue reading “Long live creators”