When the nature shows its beautiful coloursIts rains, shines, snow and rainbowFlower blooms, bird chirps, sun rise and sets, ocean and river flowBy nature I glow Kid’s innocent smile gives a breeze to soulCouple speak with eyes make the magic aura growKindness and empathy make the world the beautiful place to liveLove and acceptance makeContinue reading “Glow!”

Long live creators

Observing a real talent is mesmerisingBe it a natural having god blessingBe it scratched to perfection by polishingThe real creativity is so much aliveEven if the creator die but not his/her art what he/she has given lifeHow many times seen discussed and likedIt’s just as fresh and bring a twinkle to the eyesLook your heartContinue reading “Long live creators”

Silence knows

Silence knows In silence you grow Silence kills and sometimes saves too Those who understand your silence Understands you Silence teaches It even tries you Use it wise It can open deepest secrets of the inner self It can bring a lot of regrets It kills And yet give you introspect to survive Words andContinue reading “Silence knows”

Poetic view

POETIC VIEW #writers Poetic view is the most beautiful as well as heart wrenching outlook The days dreams are too long and human interaction too few They first believe that the world is the fair and the ideal place to be Their myth breaks badly and then just start writing out of the blue TheyContinue reading “Poetic view”