Meant to be…

What should I say about her..I just can write a whole book..And that will also not suffice..He said with loving eyes…Gazing at her… And by saying that..With that promising look..He said more than enough..They both made the journey togetherOf friendship, trust and love..To meet a beautiful destination as well as a beginning.. Beautiful it alwaysContinue reading “Meant to be…”

A story to tell!

From broken pieces of self esteemTo building it completely I have a story to tellFrom deep fear and insecuritiesTo discover my selfI have a story to tell From hating myself to start accepting myselfFrom what people say and thinkTo build confidence and reaching the level of freedomI have a story to tell To love deeplyContinue reading “A story to tell!”


A twinkle in the eyes when someone talk about their passionflowing happy tears due to achievement after failures and perseveranceA child’s smile, innocence and carefree attitudeReceiving blessing from the heart after feeling the gratitudeLoving and accepting yourself as you areHave Found someone who understand oh so rareBeing loved fully, madly, truly and unconditionallyWorking on dreamsContinue reading “Precious”

Don’t wake me

Wake me up in beautiful realityThat I forgot what sleeping isMake everyday like a dream come trueThat I don’t escape reality by daydreamingWaking up does not become a challenge but an awaiting choiceNot only weekends, but every movement filled with energy and peaceThough imagination and dreams gives satisfactionBut feeling it for real everyday is theContinue reading “Don’t wake me”