Angelic Acts..

It takes kindness, love and respect to touch other’s heart while anyone speaks..You show your beautiful heart in your words..It takes wise eyes to understand the body language and cues..You show your deep perspective of life when you understand the implicit.. It takes a warmth in the soul just to make others feel better..You CHOOSEContinue reading “Angelic Acts..”


When someone can’t be there at your lowest..Nor be able to share small or big successes..That’s the answer..Quite simple yet unnecessarily complicated..That with either scream or silence..You know whom you want to share the most..Looking for those eyes and smile in your own crowd..But yet so helpless..You know your incomplete bliss..You felt the sorrow alongContinue reading “Unfortunate”

Trying to Understand…

Mother nature you nurture the living societyBecause that’s your innate natureNo offense…Please show me your marriage certificate and your biological kidsOtherwise YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND how actually a mother feels Mother TeresaYou give life to so many orphanagesStand with them, loved them like your own kidsDon’t be offendedPlease show me your marriage certificate and your biologicalContinue reading “Trying to Understand…”