While the judging comes naturally, understanding what makes us wiser..How easily we believe in negativity and question the positive attribute..The ego sitting in name of insecurities by way of demeaning other makes some people happier!Criticising become such a habit forget it’s being constructive, its take shape of bitching to fill the hollowness created in themTheContinue reading “Reflecting”

Eternal vs ego!

Oh mind what a great learner you areYou have learned the cues, the words and then to communicate Oh heart sometimes I wonder you always knew what eyes says…You connect with soul and just put what is needed in placeā€¦ All was fine till one day ego sit at the headYou choose silence where neededContinue reading “Eternal vs ego!”

A story to tell!

From broken pieces of self esteemTo building it completely I have a story to tellFrom deep fear and insecuritiesTo discover my selfI have a story to tell From hating myself to start accepting myselfFrom what people say and thinkTo build confidence and reaching the level of freedomI have a story to tell To love deeplyContinue reading “A story to tell!”