किसको दोषी ठहराऊँ

कमाने निकलता हूँ जनाबजिंदा रहने के लिएखुशी ढूंढ़ लेता हूँछोटी छोटी चीजों मेंभीड़ का हिस्सा हूँभीड़ को अपना मान लेता हूँपरजान हथेली पर हैएक झटके का मोहताजहालातों से तो लड़ लूँदुर्घटनाओं की आजमाइश परबेबस हो जाऊंगिरकर संभलने की कोशिश करता हूँपरजिनके लिए कमाने निकलता हूँजिनको पीछे छोड़ आयाखुद को या उनकोअब क्या समझाऊँइस लड़ाई मेंबिनाContinue reading “किसको दोषी ठहराऊँ”

And its life..

Have always learned the hard way that expectation from others hurts…Hence, tried to never expect since long time..But life will make you learn that aspect, you never want to know…That even taking charge of your own happiness..Comes with a price.. Even getting a small thing..Have its own share of sacrifices..Life is brutal at so manyContinue reading “And its life..”


I have seen those impactful unknown faces whose eyes tell lots of stories..But I really don’t know why I keep them recalling…Unintentionally.. I want to forget some chapters in my story..But even with slight resemblance, get triggers from nowhere..And either I am sobbing or smiling..And then complaining..That’s how till now… really!Why I am not completelyContinue reading “Compelling..”

Angelic Acts..

It takes kindness, love and respect to touch other’s heart while anyone speaks..You show your beautiful heart in your words..It takes wise eyes to understand the body language and cues..You show your deep perspective of life when you understand the implicit.. It takes a warmth in the soul just to make others feel better..You CHOOSEContinue reading “Angelic Acts..”

Bird of limited sky… meant to fly, occasionally…caged to fit…

For every step to fit in..But lose oneself a bit..If no place for different..Then why nature made us exclusive..Be introvert, extrovert or ambivert it is..Though it’s natural to be but why not accepted.. I don’t expect you to be the way I am..Why you want and expect tell me please..Can you imagine a world withContinue reading “Bird of limited sky… meant to fly, occasionally…caged to fit…”

Trapped..in lies..

With counting years of experience and circumstances..If giving excuses and telling lies..Flow naturally like a river flow, wind blow..Does the experience count, increases or depletes? A book is less to write on excuses and lies.. and but confidence to say it actually overflows..With such determination, conviction..Sadly, so loosely.. And the most unfortunate part..You think allContinue reading “Trapped..in lies..”


Her smile and aura is full of life..She lives like no tomorrow..Retired from work..Living with her only son, very hardworking, obedient and loving..She makes everyone around her cheerful..With her enthusiasm and smile.. But that dark phase..Of fighting the battle with her son covid treatment..Running for help for hospital, oxygen cylinder and ventilators..Her spirit for hisContinue reading “Howl”


Want to nullify someone or their efforts..But still want to get the work done..And can’t avoid to ask publicly..But don’t want to recognise and return.. Easy trick learnt..Every time..Ask“Who” was the one..Someone that was doing it,Someone that has learned it,Who ..who…was that..Who..who..Just take it absolute light..repeat..repeat..And act ignorant. You know why its evident..And it’s obviousContinue reading “Who..”

Eternal vs ego!

Oh mind what a great learner you areYou have learned the cues, the words and then to communicate Oh heart sometimes I wonder you always knew what eyes says…You connect with soul and just put what is needed in place… All was fine till one day ego sit at the headYou choose silence where neededContinue reading “Eternal vs ego!”

Missing Vibes

I Knew the day will come..When you are going to leave my dear friend..That day I don’t wish to part of..As my heart breaks on goodbye’s..Just few days before…We were laughing at something together..And I just realise…It would not be so frequent..That we could share a smile in person..And I looked mesmerizingly at your laugh…CouldContinue reading “Missing Vibes”