I am me

I remind you that part of yourself which you forgot or can’t continue to be..You choose to be alike to be accepted in society..You hate me for enjoying my solitude and being me..I choose my people with little caution..But like to treat all without prejudice..And you judge me on the basis of parameters..Which you don’tContinue reading “I am me”

Realised or confused

Planned well the list is completedAll tick boxed are properly checkedWhat is mandatory and priority all sortedNow waiting for the perfect fit inThat’s how mind has decided for the heartBut heart…oh you really think that’s how it worksIt will eventually fall for someone unexpected at an unexpected time and placeYou are talking about love myContinue reading “Realised or confused”

Lost or faith!

My strength is my faith that gives me hope to choose the path of truth and integrityI have questioned a lot, but had never given up this path no matter what situation beKnowing you my god and myself no matter how many hurdles faced, I walked with dignityI do understand the other paths give shortContinue reading “Lost or faith!”

Delhi burns

#DelhiBurns #DelhiRiots2020 आज आसमान धुएं से मिल कुछ यूँ काला हुआ जैसे सांस तो चल रही पर दम घुटा जा रहा था जल उठा शहर मेरा हर जगह शोर और डर हो गया सपनो और जूनूनवाली गलियो में बस अब खून था आखें जो हर किसी का साथ देने को तैयार रहती अब हर किसीContinue reading “Delhi burns”