Where’s the end!!

Oh dear! Comfort you are so cozy and warm
Just like a blanket in a cold night and like home
You make me feel lighter without any fear
You just become a habit, oh so dear
One part of me always push you away from me
Yes, I am one of those who mostly listen to the part that says-“ this is not what you want” or “this is fine, but what next”
All other parts of me tell me you are just what I need
If I am not here, then actually where to go
Oh! But hey, you seldom tell me how you just make me lazy
I just feel like to take it all easy
And then realise something is just not right
The one thing that stops me from growing no matter how easy there to survive
That’s where I start doubting you and questioning myself
Break the zone and come out of my shell
Oh the pain is real and heart-breaking
But change is needed, though the path requires evolving
Saying bye to you even thinking about that is a nightmare
Oh! To actually say bye… have done it lots of times but still don’t know why so difficult whenever…wherever…
Make me analyse is it even worth going there!
But with a heavy heart and courageous steps, here I come
Where oh! We have always met, but you are always new dear “deadly struggle” and give me that stare
You made me anxious again, that’s your welcome dose
You want me to do those things that even thinking of give me a stroke
But alas, you repeat the circumstances till I ace to deal with
And that old struggle eventually converts itself to the comfort!
Oh, you sweet little honey trap and I am always on a dual path
When comfort is pulling me to stay and the new struggle pushes me to go to uncertain roads
End not always success not always fail though effort always what I can
What a vicious circle of struggling losing fighting breaking..sometimes winning
Just where to reach what’s the end?
Human potential is limitless beyond to comprehend
To reach its utmost capacity will that be a correct end!
Guess for some questions, answers are also limitless have no end!
Bring it on to life where there are good chances of new struggles bring the best out of me till my last breath

And pray for all struggles to have a worthy end as god think of as I am too small to comprehend
Always give me the strength of never giving up…give me the strength
One day, One fine day the whole journey will make sense
One fine day the whole journey will make sense
When the tears of joy and smiles of gratitude meets
Will understand…yes will understand….

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

58 thoughts on “Where’s the end!!

  1. “oh you sweet little honey trap I am always on a dual path” what a great line.

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