Enough of stereotypes…Stop It

A Pattern shift steadily to support women and equality
Is welcome and appreciated
Need all to take charge of it
To all the women out there
When you decide on priorities and breaking all stereotypes
Becoming a role model and breaking all records
Or struggling to balance, but working on it
We all are in it together.. in it
Though when I see such phenomenal actual efforts that make me believe in gradual positive shift..
But I still see some new stereotype forming and others getting unnecessarily effecting by it..
And those who are busy in forming and advocating these stereotypes..
Why don’t you look from wider eyes there are tons of better examples that you are overlooking
And this time all are more aware..you really think that you can make others believe it
I pity you that’s it

Ladies when you decide on priorities at a particular time stand by it
We all know priorities changes due to time and circumstances
Be it any for example career, family, marriage or kids
But once you made a choice then give your 100 percent to it
Just because support is available for some be it home or career
Don’t forget that still a lot need to be changed and not all are privileged but working hard to make a place..
The battle is going from long time and many have done difficult struggles and won real difficult battles with sacrifices
Just to make a better place for us, isn’t it..
How can we afford new stereotypes of taking advantage of opportunities and support given, but turning a blind eye of actual effort?
Don’t forget there are women out there who really in it to prove which is actually obvious that they are deserving of it
Don’t ruin it and don’t forget we all are together
What impacts one impact others
Once a stereotype is formed even how cliché it is that productivity or work ethics get impacted due to marriage or kids
Or they are taking situation benefit, but not putting effort
Any stereotype is altogether a battle.. we cannot afford to have battle within a battle
Really need to decide where you want your energy and time to be properly utilised
We all know things changes with added responsibilities
And not everyone’s circumstances are same, hence not judging it
But given a choice you will choose to be the hero or the victim of your own story
Only you can decide it
And if trying sailing in two boats what you think you are aiming at?

Be a supporter and encourager of each other
Learn from mistakes and grow
You are not only impacting yourself, but a whole community doesn’t forget that
This is the time to prove the obvious
Not making new stereotypes and difficulties
We know our worth and change for the better as all the efforts done and the one in progress totally worth it.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

13 thoughts on “Enough of stereotypes…Stop It

  1. In my opinion now a days women are doing very well in different fields,we can’t say them stereotypes but yes ofcourse now also we can see lots of women are so called stereotypes. Very well written 😊👌 Loved to read it ☺️😊🌷

    Liked by 1 person

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