Realised or confused

Planned well the list is completed
All tick boxed are properly checked
What is mandatory and priority all sorted
Now waiting for the perfect fit in
That’s how mind has decided for the heart
But heart…oh you really think that’s how it works
It will eventually fall for someone unexpected at an unexpected time and place
You are talking about love my dear and you are trying to cage it

The best emotion in words just can’t be defined
It has its own way and one of a kind
When it happens only then you realise
Why and how it happened its not that easy to define
And oh that list you created with so much of time and thought
Well, if its match it’s just a lucky coincidence or a favour from cupid
And if not, well you can do nothing and laugh about it
Till then keep planning and updating the list
Just to make you realise you don’t choose you just fall in love with
And if you choose then it’s love…well the answer is with you even if you deny it

Though everyday choose love, but whom you choose to love
At least don’t be materialistic let the master- ‘ your heart’ decides it
It beats for ‘the one’, you feel the sparkle and all the cheesy things you usually laugh at
Yes, that happens when you actually feel it
You smile often become more empathic that’s its power and magic

The most beautiful and precious thing in the world
Has no formula or list
It’s very pure and will remain
The name you are giving are you sure that is love or again you making a story or list just to convince others or yourself
Anyway, everyone has their own journey and own destiny as well as destination
no one to judge or question it
But you want love unconditionally and putting conditions to it!

All who love truly and unconditionally god, please always unite them and let them remain united

With lots of difficulty you get that kind of love and yes, it gets badly tested
Well then you list and the priority came in and what you choose
Will be known as your story, what name you want give to your chapter only you can decide it
You know when you know…simple, that’s it

The pain of unrequited love, oh yes, you overcome that, but does life remain the same.. well only you know it

Language of soul, shine through the eyes and flows through heart and everything changes for the better when you truly, unconditionally embrace and realise it.

Written by
Swati Sharma

Copyright 2021 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.

Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

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