With counting years of experience and circumstances..
If giving excuses and telling lies..
Flow naturally like a river flow, wind blow..
Does the experience count, increases or depletes?

A book is less to write on excuses and lies.. and but confidence to say it actually overflows..
With such determination, conviction..
Sadly, so loosely..

And the most unfortunate part..
You think all are buying it as if you are totally doing it right..
Guess who use themselves those excuses will do buy..
The people who think they are dependent on you..will do buy..
Though everyone is replaceable..
In this going in circles rat race that never ends..

But the problem is..

You gave more importance to those who happily buy your lies, sympathise with your lies just because their own motives inside..
And you forgot when you became so habitual that it became part of your life..
You forgot..
At the end and every point of time..
You have to face your own karma..
Your own self
The Truth of each of your tiniest lies.

You grow in the short run, achieved your short term goals with shortcuts..
But you forgot that you are running a marathon called life..
What you earned and how you fooled others made you pride..
But you really don’t know that some easily knows..
And laugh at your act which is easily visible across your mask resides..

You lost in your own lies..
Forgot the real meaning of life..
If you genuinely realise then you can rectify..
If you can’t, oh any worst outcome, then don’t even realise..
As short win give you a sense of achievement..
Motivation and comfort for more lies..
That’s an achievement in God’s and Karma eyes..

World build with lies, lead with lies..
Life becomes itself a lie..
Trapped so badly that when someone confronts, truth hurt like a personal strike..
As if the world is against you..
But no one is against you except you..
You alone suffice..

And worse that it’s difficult for you now to differentiate between truth and lie..

With burden of smaller – bigger selfish, hurtful lies..

You didn’t even try..
The difficult yet the path of truth..
The lighten, truthful, peaceful and real life.

Yes, you will argue that it’s better to say sugar-coated lies than hurtful truth..
But the logic applies in different circumstances..
Where no one gets hurt, no injustice and no mean motives..
You know your reality, why, when, what you said to whom..
You really think above logic suffice your lies..
You and God know better.. And rest your life, you and you only can decide..

Astonishing it is..
The way your eyes sparkle when you lie
Sad, it is..
You came so far to go so low..
Or high as you say so..
The lies used to conceal or to show
Lies make heart heavy and your life’s story questionable..
The more we introspect and discover
The more amazing…so transparent…yet rippling karma and life.

Written by

Swati Sharma

Copyright Sept 2022 © Swati Sharma and Learning with life. All rights reserved.


Published by Swati Sharma

discovering myself

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  1. With due respect, I put a lot of hardwork in writing, editing in every post and all post are very close to my heart..please as told earlier, I am not comfortable with reblogging.


  2. With due respect, please donot link or repost, as I am not comfortable with the same, each of my writing is close part of my heart and soul, and take lot of time, effort and edit for the same being on learning stage.please dont link or repost.


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